Banana Oat Yogurt Muffins


Well…here we are again.  It’s only been about a month since my last post…so yep….it is safe to say I do not get an A+ for consistent posting this year.

But hey!  It’s not like I haven’t been up to very important things in the meantime.

Like daydreaming about summer days spent on the lake and in the mountains with some of the craziest people I know, my fellow camp counselors.

Rockin’ out at the Macklemore concert.  Dear lordy.  It was the best.

Quoting (and missing) my favorite TV show ever, The Office.

And not running!  Because it is just too dang cold and slippery out there for an uncoordinated fool like myself to be speeding around.

I have been dancing my little booty off though as I work towards gaining my OULA fitness certification.  It has been one of the most challenging, rewarding, FUN, and exciting experiences of my life.  I hope to one day write a nice blog post on all that I have learned from OULA.

Ooh!  And I finished up another semester of college.  Thank the good lordy it ended because I was losing motivation fast towards the end of it.

What has been new in your life?  Have you met any celebrities lately?  Found an unlimited supply of free, delicious dark chocolate??  Have you seen the new, fabulous movie Frozen?!?!

Oh, you haven’t done any of that huh?  That makes two of us… 😉

Okay so some of you might be wondering…What about the muffins?!?!?!


Here they are!  Yes, I actually do have more than just a rambling of thoughts.  I have a really delicious, easy, high fiber, whole grain, naturally sweetened, awesome muffin recipe for YOU!

I adapted this recipe from the blog Honest Fare.

For my adaptations: I substituted Greek blueberry flavored yogurt for plain yogurt, honey for brown sugar, and I threw in a few handfuls of fresh blueberries.  Boom.


These muffins are soft, chewy, sweet, and flavorful.  I absolutely love them because when they bake, they fill your kitchen with that sweet, yummy blueberry muffin feel but you can feel really good eating them because they will fill you up and keep you going strong for hours!  Since they are made with oats and oat flour instead of refined flour, they are chock full of fiber and protein.  Booyah!

Now, I could take the time to type up the whole recipe and procedure but, you know, The Barefoot Contessa (my favorite show on the cooking channel) is coming on soon, and I really have to be prompt and ready to give it my full attention.  Therefore, I am going to send you offer to Honest Fare and you can follow their directions.  Just click here!

***And if you want to make the same muffins that I did, remember to make these important substitutions.

*Use a 1/2 cup of blueberry flavored Greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt (any flavor will do though.  Peach or raspberry would be splendid!)

*Substitute 1/4 cup of honey for the 1/3 cup of brown sugar

*Toss in a 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries before baking the muffins


Let me know how these muffins turn out for you if you end up making them.  I am in love <3.  And remember, if these muffins are not going to be eaten up right away the best way to keep them fresh is to wrap them in plastic wrap and pop them in the freezer.  Then you can pull them out whenever and pop them in the microwave for a minute or so for that fresh-baked muffin taste.  That microwave step sure is vital folks because gnawing on a frozen chunk of muffin is a rough start to the day.

Well friends, it would appear that the Christmas season is upon us, and this girl has a lot of painting to get done for gifts.  I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!  Feel free to comment with any questions about the muffs.  And enjoy this quote of the day!


Chocolate is a Salad

Well hey there!!

How is your Saturday going?  Mine is going great and I am so happy that I finally feel like I have to time to get some good blogging in.  This semester has been an absolute whirlwind of crazy between my first semester of upper division classes, two positions in the sorority, my first small college jobs, and OULA training.  Wowzers!

Unfortunatley, when life gets a little cray cray…blogging is one of my first hobbies to be put on the back burner.  And ya know what?  I really miss it!  So today I am taking some time to do what I love; eating food and talking about it.

Now as you all know, I quite enjoy learning about nutrition.  I like learning what nutrients make up food and what foods are good sources of certain nutrients.  I took my first nutrition class this semester and, as it turns out, liver is packed full of almost all the essential elements and vitamins….yayyy….hmmm…ahh.

And just the other day, while purusing pinterest, I found a little tidbit of BRAND NEW nutrition information.  This research is quite fresh…possibly just released and very scientific.  It just might change your life.

Are you ready??

Chocolate is actually a vegetable.

Nahhh.  Get out of town you crazy maniac!

I know.  I was skeptical too at first…but the picture below explains it all oh so clearly.


Aren’t you glad you know now?!  Me too!

In order to properly honor my new found knowledge, I decided this morning that I needed to make a breakfast that incorporated chocolate somehow.

Enter, chocolate chip oatmeal banana pecan pancakes!


These babies are gluten free, high in fiber, whole grain, and, uhm, CHOCOLATE!

If you haven’t tried making pancakes with oats, I highly suggest it.  It is such a nice substitute for white, processed flour because oats are super high in fiber, magnesium (an important element for a healthy body) and they are also known to lower cholesterol by lowering the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body.  Boom baby.

You need:

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 large banana
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • teaspoon of vanilla
  • sprinkle of salt
  • sprinkles of chopped pecans and chocolate chips in whatever amount is pleasing to you.  Go big.

You do:

  • Put oats, eggs, banana, cinnamon, vanilla, salt in a blender.  A blender is essential for a smooth oat pancake.  If your all about huge chunks of oats in your pancake you could just mix by hand…let me know how that turns out!  Then pour the blended mixture into a hot skillet (two big circles is what I do).  Let the cakes cook until a spatula can be inserted easily underneath them, flip them over, cook for a little bit longer and enjoy!


They are super yummy and perfectly sweet with the addition of chocolate, the newest and most delicious vegetable.

I hope you are living it up on this beautiful fall Saturday! I plan to power through some serious homework and then I really hope to get dressed up tonight and spend some time out on the town celebrating the hottest, freshly 21 year old woman around: Olivia.


No quote of the day today but heck yes there is a song of the day.  Check it out:

“It’s your heart!  It’s pumpin’ blood!  And the whole wide world is whistling….”

You are ALIVE! Do something awesome.




Brownie Sunday with Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Oh baby, baby.


Is there anything better than a brownie??


Is there anything better than ice cream?!?!


Omg. Put them together.


I’ll get back to this in a hot second…

So this last Saturday, it happened to be the birthday of my beautiful, sweet baby girl Bethany.


She was 20 years old and we were ready to partay!

We kicked off the day with a mini OULA dance class taught by me (it was so fun!)  and then we went to lunch at a local little spot called Five On Black.

My oh my.


Coconut sweet potatoes + black beans + a spicy coconut curry sauce + cilantro + lime + bread crumbs over crisp greens.

It was glorious.  And just the right restaurant for the birthday girl.  My sweet Beth loves rice and spicy, curry sauce so I knew this place would be a winner in her book.


After splitting up for showers, naps…er…I mean homework…we got all dressed up to go salsa dancing!

We were so excited!  We were ready dance the night away!

But our plans came crashing down fast though when the bouncer said, “Sorry, no one under 21.”

For the love of Pete Mr.  We don’t want your alcohol okay??  We just want to dance!!  He wouldn’t budge though, and it was a disappointment indeed.

But then we found brownies. And frozen banana’s.  And peanut butter.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 😀

And so the banana peanut butter ice cream brownie sundae was born!

It is quick and easy and it tastes best when you are all dressed up with no where to go!

Here’s what you do:

  • Get yourself a brownie.  Set aside.
  • Freeze a few bananners.
  • Try to get into a bar and fail.  Return home.  This step is essential, folks.
  • Take off your high heels and remove frozen bananas.  Chop into small chunks.  Put banana’s and peanut butter (about 1 tablespoon per banana!) in a blender.
  • Blend baby blend!  And get out your anger at that uptight bouncer for following the law!  Silly, silly man.
  • This blending may take awhile…but one day friends…one day the banana’s and peanut butter will form a thick, creamy call of ice cream.
  • Put the ice cream on the brownie.  Top with melted chocolate, crushed (salty) pretzels, and your tears.



To be honest, I am just being a little drama queen.  It was a disappointment that we couldn’t go salsa dancing, but I don’t need a night out to have a good night when I have such good, quality, funny, beautiful friends.  I was just happy to have some relaxing time with my girlfriends to joke around and catch up.  And, let’s be honest, we secretly prefer a night of cozy, comfy clothes and treats then a night out on the town.  Shhhhhhh.  You can bet your bottom dollar we find ways to stay entertained…..


In other news, today I taught my first full, hour long OULA class.  It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to keep working towards a full certification.  Ain’t nothin’ I love more than droppin’ it like it’s hot.  Maybe one day my buddy Snoop will come to a class….he’s always so busy though.


I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Sunday!

My quote of the day is this….this is one of the main lessons I am learning during my OULA fitness certification process and I am pretty positive it will be my main tag line when I am a teacher….




Gouda Morning! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How is your Thursday treating you?!

Mine is good so far!  It started of with a bowl of gluten-free vanilla bean cereal….


There is puffed quinoa in this cereal!  What a concept!

Now usually when I write a post…I have a purpose in mind…

Like a new recipe to share, a new workout to post, a really cool revelation realized….

But today, I don’t have a purpose.

I just miss blogging!  SO MUCH!

So is it okay if I just babble on for awhile?!

I’ll just try to catch you up to speed on my life with a little free flow thoughts exercise where I just write down whatever comes to mind first.  Here we go!

In an hour, I will go to yoga class.  Which is good because my body is in a complete tizzy because I have been dancing so much.


Dancing so much?  Why have you been dancing so much?!  Because I am in training to become a certified OULA fitness instructor that is why!

Speaking of OULA fitness, I am officially in love.  Like head over heels.  Gone, done, there’s no going back.  Have you heard of OULA fitness??

OULA fitness started right here in MissOULA.  Hmmmm. Get it?!

The above picture was snapped after we did a flash mob at a GRIZ tail gate party.  How fun is that?!  More fun than watching football I can tell you that much…. 😉

OULA is fun. silly. joyful. playful. sexy. challenging. empowering. community building. a light in the dark. and sweaty.

Oh so sweaty.  It literally feels like I stepped out of a hot shower when I leave an OULA class; I am just drenched!  And I like it.

You know what else I like?  Cucumbers and Swiss cheese.  Two thinly sliced cucumber rounds plus some Swiss….a tasty little sandwich indeed.

Speaking of sandwiches, here’s a twist on a PB and J.  Use a whole grain tortilla instead of bread (not that there’s anything wrong with bread) and use fresh fruit instead of jelly!  It’s a nice change 🙂


Now I know this post has been super organized and logical so I apologize for the curve ball….This next comment relates to nothing, but I have to get it off my chest.

Yesterday, when I left Nutrition class, I accidently tipped my cup of green tea the wrong way, and it spilled into the chair next to me.  So there was this puddle of light greeney yellow liquid just sitting there.  It legit looked like someone peed their pants.  But very neatly peed their pants, mind you!

I panicked.  I was already late for my next class!  There are no paper towels in an underground lecture hall?!  AH!  I ended up leaving the puddle….and I am a smidge nervous about how karma will balance out that one….

On a happier note!  It is Halloween!  What are you dressing up as?!  All I know is, I hope I look as hot as I did last year….see below…


Have a good day everyone!! And REMEMBER!


Also.  Keep an eye and a solid lid on your green tea.  These two tips will lead to prosperity.



Anchor SLAM

Hi! Hi! Hi, hi, hi!

So here is the dealio.

I signed up to be the director of my sororities biggest fundraiser of the year: Anchor Slam.


Because the woman who held this position last year is someone I admire a lot. She is smart, hard working, a great public speaker and just super cool. While watching her rock this position last year, I decided, Hey! I wanna be a leader, a good public speaker and, more importantly, super cool. So I ran for this position and then BOOM it was happening.

What does it look like to be the director of a sorority fund raising event?

Emailing business’s begging for donations, making ten million Facebook post to the sorority about times, dates, places, ect., booking tables, printing fliers, picking up donations, getting pulled over by the cops because you answered your phone while driving…

I wish that last one was a joke…..ehhh…..oops.  I learned my lesson that day.

This position did  bring about some major stress in my life (What if no one shows up to the events???  What if I crack and eat all the donated brownies before the event and die of a chocolate over dose?  What if I am so consumed by attending to details on the day of the basketball tournament that I forget to wear pants?!?)

But it also brought about a lot of joy.

I saw the community around me rise up to support my sorority and our event.  Bernice’s donated 80 mini bites of the famous Espresso Brownie! I almost died of happiness.

People did show up to the events!  In fact, our silent auction raised over $800 and our basketball tournament brought in 28 teams of four people…not bad!

The women in my sorority brought their A game….We ended up raising about $1700!

This money all directly benefits people with visual impairments because our philanthropy is Service for Sight.  This is one aspect of Delta Gamma that I enjoy because it is a unique cause.  We hear lots and lots about keeping our heart healthy, and our breasts cancer free (It is breast cancer awareness month by the way!) and our weight low….but rarely do we hear much about keeping our eyes healthy.

For the best eyes on the block, I suggest eating carrots because they are quite high in vitamin A.

Carrot Cake!  Carrot juice smoothies!  Carrot sticks with hummus or peanut butter!


Spinach and bell peppers are also a great source of vitamin A and C that are very beneficial to eye health.

Also…SALMON!  The fatty acids in this fish helps protect the blood vessels in our eyes.  Isn’t this great news?!  Because who doesn’t love salmon??  (My mom that is who….Oh well, more for me!)

2013=Muffins and Shaved Legs

I learned a lot through this position.  I learned that in order to get a large group of people moving in the same direction you must be organized and able to give clear, articulate instructions.  Also, be prepared to repeat yourself a lot. This is good prep for being an elementary teacher me thinks :).

What is next on my agenda?? Beginning the OULA dance teacher certification process…..I CAN’T WAIT!  Hopefully I don’t get too excited because no matter how much I practice dancing I am still uncoordinated at heart….and an excited uncoordinated person often leads to collisions/injuries.

Have a great Monday y’all and remember….

Happy Thursday!!!