Defining Healthy


What does healthy mean to you?

I’m still learning what it means to be healthy.  There was a time in my life when I thought that a healthy girl was surely always a size double zero, and that healthy food was always low in calories and fat.  While body shape and the caloric value of foods have a place in defining healthy, I’ve learned that there is so much more to being healthy than wearing a size 2 in jeans and packing carrots instead of chips.

Now when I think of health food, I think of food that is wholesome and real.


Are peanut butter or avacados or olive oil low in calories? Nope.  In the right portion, are they good for your body? Yes!  All foods that are natural and real are wonderful fuel for the body.  I used to get so caught up in trying to make sure my calorie intake was perfectly balanced so I wouldn’t gain weight but now I’ve learned to listen to my body; it knows what it needs.

I’ve also learned there is more to being healthy than analyzing what is on your plate or how fast you can run a mile.  Mental and emotional health are equally important.  I know something isn’t right if my diet or exercise regime is stressing me out.  Exercise and food are meant to increase your happiness not take away from it.

Like most things in life, good health is centered on love.  Love yourself enough to choose to feed your body wholesome fuel so it has energy.  Love yourself enough to be okay with eating dessert.  Love yourself enough to commit to exerecise that makes you feel good and keeps your body and heart strong.  Love yourself enough to know when to take a day of rest or choose lunch with a friend over the gym.

The biggest thing I have learned so far in my journey to health is to listen to my body and trust it.

So get out there and be healthy! Live every day with love and laughter.  Be healthy not only in the kitchen, but in your heart and your relationships.

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