Meet Me

Hello there and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Makenzie, but feel free to address me as Kenz, Kenzy, Mak…even Big Mak!  I’m a college student studying elementary education with an area of concentration in my favorite subject besides art and lunch: health.  I love kids!  I have worked as a swimming teacher, a nanny, a summer camp counselor and an assistant preschool teacher and man….the little ones never fail to surprise, amuse and challenge me!  I am so excited to be a teacher and to have my own classroom and get apples.  Does that still happen?  I’m counting on it.

In addition to aspiring to become a teacher who receives many apples,  I have a few other dreams.  I’ve always had a passion for food.  It all started when my mom decided to cook me my favorite meal of “Green Spaghetti”.  Better known as the Kraft Spaghetti dinner in a box.  Classy, right?

Green Spaghetti nailed it every time.  I couldn’t get enough of this stuff!  Eventually, I learned how to cook my own green spaghetti, and the rest was history.  As I got older, and learned more about nutrition,  I wanted to learn how to combine wholesome ingredients into tasty snacks, meals and even treats.  With the help of the food network, cooking magazines, my grandma, and my mother  I started to expand my culinary talents.

I’ve basically mastered cooking up turkey bacon on a Saturday morning in the camper.  In addition to this fine skill, I have grown to love cooking with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Some of my favorite ingredients are whole grain pasta, oats, natural peanut butter, watermelon, spinach, carrots, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, hummus and, of course, dark chocolate.  My main goal in cooking is to create dishes that look great, taste awesome and pack a healthy dose of nutrients to the body.  When it comes to baking, I enjoy making both healthy and indulgent desserts. Fruit crisps, brownies and cookie dough ice cream are always a favorite for this girl!

When I’m not cooking, you could probably find me doing some of these things!










No matter what I’m doing….I am positive I will find some time to eat.

And after that I plan to blog about it!

I am so excited to fill this blog up with stories about great memories with friends, lesson’s learned in every day life and a good amount of talk about some real delicious food.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’m happy to have you here and I hope my posts keep you interested and maybe even inspired.


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