Things I’m Loving Friday!


How’s it hanging?  Who is excited for the weekend?  What are your plans?!  AH So many questions!

So…I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers lately.  Friday is the day to make a big list of everything you’ve been loving lately.  And today is the day I jump on the band wagon!  So here we go, enjoy this little diddy about what is stealing my attention, time and love these days.


Biscoff Spread.  Holy smokes.  I mean, really, HOLY SMOKES.  Have you guys tried this stuff??  It is basically a jar of cookies that somehow got magically changed into a smooth, thick, cookie spread.  I’m sure it is really, really good for us.  Kind of like eating a salad.  I just don’t think I’ll be able to say enough to convince you how good it is.  So just get out there and try it.



Bean Cookies.  I really and truly am obsessed with this new and insanely easy, delicious creation.  The idea behind a bean cookie is that you replace the flour with a bean (garbanzo bean, black bean, ect.) and then you blend the smooth, velvety beans with everything good in life (nut butter, honey, chocolate).  The first time I made a batch of these I ate so much dough that I probably ate enough bean cookies to feed a few football teams SO the second time I made them with a friend which forced me to eat a socially acceptable amount of cookie dough (enough to feed a few football players).  Problem solved.  Click here for my chocolate chip garbanzo bean cookie recipe and keep an eye out for black bean brownie bites!




Weddings.  I am thrilled to announce that two of my best friends are getting married in the next couple of summers (Congrats Lauren and Corrie!), and observing their planning has set my wheels a turnin’.  It is a lot of work to plan a wedding!  So it only seems logical to start planning now.  Yes, now as in before engagement.  You don’t need a finace to decide what color of bridesmaid dresses you want and to decide whether you enjoy cream cheese or buttercream frosting more, no sir, you just plan away.  I mean I need something to think about when I’m folding my laundry.  What I am saying is that everyone should start planning their wedding right now.  No matter how single you are.  Just get a move on.  Your future self will thank you.  And man oh man does folding clothes go faster!


Ombre Wedding Cake | 27 Ideas For Adorable And Unexpected Wedding Cakes


Finally, I am obsessed with Jenna’s recipe for peanut butter cookies.  They look incredibly delicious and simple!  Basically, they are a disk of baked butter, brown sugar and peanut butter…sounds legit to me.  Click here to see her recipe!  She didn’t dip hers in dark chocolate but I think it is an okay idea ;).




My plans for the weekend include driving up to Seeley Lake to watch my best pal Hal run her third half marathon!  After the race we will spend the night at her family cabin.  I’m really excited!  My only expectations are that I get to do a little baking, a lot of giggling and that I am relaxed as my sweet babe Lizzie pictured below.  I hope y’all are too.  Happy weekend!!




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