Chocolate is a Salad

Well hey there!!

How is your Saturday going?  Mine is going great and I am so happy that I finally feel like I have to time to get some good blogging in.  This semester has been an absolute whirlwind of crazy between my first semester of upper division classes, two positions in the sorority, my first small college jobs, and OULA training.  Wowzers!

Unfortunatley, when life gets a little cray cray…blogging is one of my first hobbies to be put on the back burner.  And ya know what?  I really miss it!  So today I am taking some time to do what I love; eating food and talking about it.

Now as you all know, I quite enjoy learning about nutrition.  I like learning what nutrients make up food and what foods are good sources of certain nutrients.  I took my first nutrition class this semester and, as it turns out, liver is packed full of almost all the essential elements and vitamins….yayyy….hmmm…ahh.

And just the other day, while purusing pinterest, I found a little tidbit of BRAND NEW nutrition information.  This research is quite fresh…possibly just released and very scientific.  It just might change your life.

Are you ready??

Chocolate is actually a vegetable.

Nahhh.  Get out of town you crazy maniac!

I know.  I was skeptical too at first…but the picture below explains it all oh so clearly.


Aren’t you glad you know now?!  Me too!

In order to properly honor my new found knowledge, I decided this morning that I needed to make a breakfast that incorporated chocolate somehow.

Enter, chocolate chip oatmeal banana pecan pancakes!


These babies are gluten free, high in fiber, whole grain, and, uhm, CHOCOLATE!

If you haven’t tried making pancakes with oats, I highly suggest it.  It is such a nice substitute for white, processed flour because oats are super high in fiber, magnesium (an important element for a healthy body) and they are also known to lower cholesterol by lowering the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body.  Boom baby.

You need:

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 large banana
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • teaspoon of vanilla
  • sprinkle of salt
  • sprinkles of chopped pecans and chocolate chips in whatever amount is pleasing to you.  Go big.

You do:

  • Put oats, eggs, banana, cinnamon, vanilla, salt in a blender.  A blender is essential for a smooth oat pancake.  If your all about huge chunks of oats in your pancake you could just mix by hand…let me know how that turns out!  Then pour the blended mixture into a hot skillet (two big circles is what I do).  Let the cakes cook until a spatula can be inserted easily underneath them, flip them over, cook for a little bit longer and enjoy!


They are super yummy and perfectly sweet with the addition of chocolate, the newest and most delicious vegetable.

I hope you are living it up on this beautiful fall Saturday! I plan to power through some serious homework and then I really hope to get dressed up tonight and spend some time out on the town celebrating the hottest, freshly 21 year old woman around: Olivia.


No quote of the day today but heck yes there is a song of the day.  Check it out:

“It’s your heart!  It’s pumpin’ blood!  And the whole wide world is whistling….”

You are ALIVE! Do something awesome.





4 thoughts on “Chocolate is a Salad

  1. I somehow think I can’t convince Mom that the snickers bars in my office drawer are good for me. Keep up the posting !!!

    Love – Dad

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