Brownie Sunday with Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Oh baby, baby.


Is there anything better than a brownie??


Is there anything better than ice cream?!?!


Omg. Put them together.


I’ll get back to this in a hot second…

So this last Saturday, it happened to be the birthday of my beautiful, sweet baby girl Bethany.


She was 20 years old and we were ready to partay!

We kicked off the day with a mini OULA dance class taught by me (it was so fun!)  and then we went to lunch at a local little spot called Five On Black.

My oh my.


Coconut sweet potatoes + black beans + a spicy coconut curry sauce + cilantro + lime + bread crumbs over crisp greens.

It was glorious.  And just the right restaurant for the birthday girl.  My sweet Beth loves rice and spicy, curry sauce so I knew this place would be a winner in her book.


After splitting up for showers, naps…er…I mean homework…we got all dressed up to go salsa dancing!

We were so excited!  We were ready dance the night away!

But our plans came crashing down fast though when the bouncer said, “Sorry, no one under 21.”

For the love of Pete Mr.  We don’t want your alcohol okay??  We just want to dance!!  He wouldn’t budge though, and it was a disappointment indeed.

But then we found brownies. And frozen banana’s.  And peanut butter.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 😀

And so the banana peanut butter ice cream brownie sundae was born!

It is quick and easy and it tastes best when you are all dressed up with no where to go!

Here’s what you do:

  • Get yourself a brownie.  Set aside.
  • Freeze a few bananners.
  • Try to get into a bar and fail.  Return home.  This step is essential, folks.
  • Take off your high heels and remove frozen bananas.  Chop into small chunks.  Put banana’s and peanut butter (about 1 tablespoon per banana!) in a blender.
  • Blend baby blend!  And get out your anger at that uptight bouncer for following the law!  Silly, silly man.
  • This blending may take awhile…but one day friends…one day the banana’s and peanut butter will form a thick, creamy call of ice cream.
  • Put the ice cream on the brownie.  Top with melted chocolate, crushed (salty) pretzels, and your tears.



To be honest, I am just being a little drama queen.  It was a disappointment that we couldn’t go salsa dancing, but I don’t need a night out to have a good night when I have such good, quality, funny, beautiful friends.  I was just happy to have some relaxing time with my girlfriends to joke around and catch up.  And, let’s be honest, we secretly prefer a night of cozy, comfy clothes and treats then a night out on the town.  Shhhhhhh.  You can bet your bottom dollar we find ways to stay entertained…..


In other news, today I taught my first full, hour long OULA class.  It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to keep working towards a full certification.  Ain’t nothin’ I love more than droppin’ it like it’s hot.  Maybe one day my buddy Snoop will come to a class….he’s always so busy though.


I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Sunday!

My quote of the day is this….this is one of the main lessons I am learning during my OULA fitness certification process and I am pretty positive it will be my main tag line when I am a teacher….




2 thoughts on “Brownie Sunday with Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

  1. Wow, decadent b-day treat here! Happy, Happy 20 Miss Bethany! LOL, have you ever noticed that guy behind your right shoulder? Looks like a cop coming to dog Snoop…at least we got your pic with him first!

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