Gouda Morning! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How is your Thursday treating you?!

Mine is good so far!  It started of with a bowl of gluten-free vanilla bean cereal….


There is puffed quinoa in this cereal!  What a concept!

Now usually when I write a post…I have a purpose in mind…

Like a new recipe to share, a new workout to post, a really cool revelation realized….

But today, I don’t have a purpose.

I just miss blogging!  SO MUCH!

So is it okay if I just babble on for awhile?!

I’ll just try to catch you up to speed on my life with a little free flow thoughts exercise where I just write down whatever comes to mind first.  Here we go!

In an hour, I will go to yoga class.  Which is good because my body is in a complete tizzy because I have been dancing so much.


Dancing so much?  Why have you been dancing so much?!  Because I am in training to become a certified OULA fitness instructor that is why!

Speaking of OULA fitness, I am officially in love.  Like head over heels.  Gone, done, there’s no going back.  Have you heard of OULA fitness??

OULA fitness started right here in MissOULA.  Hmmmm. Get it?!

The above picture was snapped after we did a flash mob at a GRIZ tail gate party.  How fun is that?!  More fun than watching football I can tell you that much…. 😉

OULA is fun. silly. joyful. playful. sexy. challenging. empowering. community building. a light in the dark. and sweaty.

Oh so sweaty.  It literally feels like I stepped out of a hot shower when I leave an OULA class; I am just drenched!  And I like it.

You know what else I like?  Cucumbers and Swiss cheese.  Two thinly sliced cucumber rounds plus some Swiss….a tasty little sandwich indeed.

Speaking of sandwiches, here’s a twist on a PB and J.  Use a whole grain tortilla instead of bread (not that there’s anything wrong with bread) and use fresh fruit instead of jelly!  It’s a nice change 🙂


Now I know this post has been super organized and logical so I apologize for the curve ball….This next comment relates to nothing, but I have to get it off my chest.

Yesterday, when I left Nutrition class, I accidently tipped my cup of green tea the wrong way, and it spilled into the chair next to me.  So there was this puddle of light greeney yellow liquid just sitting there.  It legit looked like someone peed their pants.  But very neatly peed their pants, mind you!

I panicked.  I was already late for my next class!  There are no paper towels in an underground lecture hall?!  AH!  I ended up leaving the puddle….and I am a smidge nervous about how karma will balance out that one….

On a happier note!  It is Halloween!  What are you dressing up as?!  All I know is, I hope I look as hot as I did last year….see below…


Have a good day everyone!! And REMEMBER!


Also.  Keep an eye and a solid lid on your green tea.  These two tips will lead to prosperity.




One thought on “Random!

  1. Happy Halloween! Only thing missing from your wrap today was candy corn & peanuts. Such a cute pic…the Emericks and Halloween went together like pb&j!

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