Anchor SLAM

Hi! Hi! Hi, hi, hi!

So here is the dealio.

I signed up to be the director of my sororities biggest fundraiser of the year: Anchor Slam.


Because the woman who held this position last year is someone I admire a lot. She is smart, hard working, a great public speaker and just super cool. While watching her rock this position last year, I decided, Hey! I wanna be a leader, a good public speaker and, more importantly, super cool. So I ran for this position and then BOOM it was happening.

What does it look like to be the director of a sorority fund raising event?

Emailing business’s begging for donations, making ten million Facebook post to the sorority about times, dates, places, ect., booking tables, printing fliers, picking up donations, getting pulled over by the cops because you answered your phone while driving…

I wish that last one was a joke…..ehhh…..oops.  I learned my lesson that day.

This position did  bring about some major stress in my life (What if no one shows up to the events???  What if I crack and eat all the donated brownies before the event and die of a chocolate over dose?  What if I am so consumed by attending to details on the day of the basketball tournament that I forget to wear pants?!?)

But it also brought about a lot of joy.

I saw the community around me rise up to support my sorority and our event.  Bernice’s donated 80 mini bites of the famous Espresso Brownie! I almost died of happiness.

People did show up to the events!  In fact, our silent auction raised over $800 and our basketball tournament brought in 28 teams of four people…not bad!

The women in my sorority brought their A game….We ended up raising about $1700!

This money all directly benefits people with visual impairments because our philanthropy is Service for Sight.  This is one aspect of Delta Gamma that I enjoy because it is a unique cause.  We hear lots and lots about keeping our heart healthy, and our breasts cancer free (It is breast cancer awareness month by the way!) and our weight low….but rarely do we hear much about keeping our eyes healthy.

For the best eyes on the block, I suggest eating carrots because they are quite high in vitamin A.

Carrot Cake!  Carrot juice smoothies!  Carrot sticks with hummus or peanut butter!


Spinach and bell peppers are also a great source of vitamin A and C that are very beneficial to eye health.

Also…SALMON!  The fatty acids in this fish helps protect the blood vessels in our eyes.  Isn’t this great news?!  Because who doesn’t love salmon??  (My mom that is who….Oh well, more for me!)

2013=Muffins and Shaved Legs

I learned a lot through this position.  I learned that in order to get a large group of people moving in the same direction you must be organized and able to give clear, articulate instructions.  Also, be prepared to repeat yourself a lot. This is good prep for being an elementary teacher me thinks :).

What is next on my agenda?? Beginning the OULA dance teacher certification process…..I CAN’T WAIT!  Hopefully I don’t get too excited because no matter how much I practice dancing I am still uncoordinated at heart….and an excited uncoordinated person often leads to collisions/injuries.

Have a great Monday y’all and remember….

Happy Thursday!!!







One thought on “Anchor SLAM

  1. Nice to see a new post. Great picture on the boat at Flathead. Congrats on a very successful fundraiser!
    Love – Dad.

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