Brocoli Avocado Feta Dip

Gouda Morning!

How are you doing on this fine Thursday?!

The funny thing about this post is I actually wrote the above lines two weeks ago…and then today I found the time to come back to it and, low and behold, it is Thursday today too! I’ll take it.

I am beginning to wonder how I found the time last year to post as much as I did…

Am I really that much busier this year or have I just gotten lazy??

It’s hard to say folks.

I can confidently say, though, that last week was probably the busiest week of the year! It was sorority recruitment week last week. We had over one hundred girls go through and we were able to invite 113 girls to join a sorority! YAY!

My role in sorority recruitment was to be on a team of women who “gave up our letters to help you find yours!” We unaffiliated ourselves from our sorority for two weeks! This includes moving out of our homes, not talking to girls from our sorority and never ever wearing our letters. You just can’t become a mystery sorority member and then walk around in your Delta Gamma sweatshirt…it is a bit counter productive.

The above picture was taken on our last day of recruitment.  Do you see how we are all wearing zip up hoodies??  That is because we were hiding our letters underneath!  We revealed our identities later in the day after the girls found out what sorority they were in.  It was so fun!

My favorite part of disaffiliation was definitely getting to know girls from other sororities. Claire, from Kappa Kappa Gamma, threw a Frisbee with me for hours and hours over the week to pass the time when we had to sit outside houses and wait for the girls to be done with their parties. We had some great conversations while tossing that sparkly blue disk around!

My least favorite part of disaffiliation was being away from my sisters. I really missed everyone in my house! It was quite interesting to live for two weeks and pretend Delta Gamma was not apart of my life. I am happy to say that after living life without DG, I am a million times more appreciative of having DG to call home.

So….Brocoli Avocado Feta dip…

I spose that is the title of this post isn’t it? You probably just came here for the recipe and then had to listen to me gab on and on about sorority life for three hours…whoops!

If you didn’t know, the only thing I love more than my sorority is….


Brocoli is great.  Maybe my favorite vegetable.

It is great steamed,  boiled, broiled, roasted, toasted, stewed….

sautéed, chopped, sliced and diced….

and that’s about it.

But have you ever tried to eat broccoli raw?  It’s an absolute disaster!

The second you bite into it I guarantee a good-looking, composed individual (usually someone you have not seen in a while) will find you and say, “Hello!  How are you?!  What have you been up too?”

And then, there you are, with a mouth full of dry, raw broccoli and you know that every one of those tiny green things has found a home in the cracks between your teeth.

I know all this from experience.

Therefore, after a multitude of awkward encounters, I have come to the conclusion that raw broccoli is best ate when one has chopped it all up and stirred it into something delicious like mashed avocados and feta cheese.  There is still a risk for awkward, green teeth cracks but I find it is significantly lower.


  • 1 Mashed Avocado
  • 1 cup of chopped raw broccoli
  • the juice of one fresh lemon
  • 1/3 cup of crumbled feta
  • salt, pepper, hot sauce

You just mix it all up and then you can dip crackers, carrots or fingers into it for a healthy, less awkward snack!  It is also a super good spread for tortilla wraps at lunch 🙂


Ach nine! (the only German I know…Oh No!)  I am almost late for yoga class.  I’m off to do some downward dogs…I hope everyone has a great day!!



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