A Missoula Saturday

Greetings friends!!

What’s crack a lackin?

I just finished typing up a lab report that required correct grammar.  What a drag.  When teachers force us to use correct grammar, it is usually not a good idea to use my favorite phrases of y’all, what the hay ho and boom swagga.  And that is why I keep a blog!

I have been just so excited to share with you some scenes from my first, true Missoula Saturday.

The day started with a bowl of corn flakes, cashews and soy milk.  I also had a super sweet and extra juicy nectarine!

After breakfast, Lauren, Olivia and I headed on down to the Farmer’s Market.  Folks, this is the place to be on a hot Missoula Saturday.

Let me show you why 🙂

They have huckleberry lemon bars.  Now, do I really need to do anymore convincing??  I think not.



But I will anyways!  They have the most beautiful assortment of home grown flowers. Ah!


My friend Lauren (who is getting married next summer HOLLA!) made the brilliant decision to buy some gorgeous flowers from Blue Willow farm.  The man selling the flowers made her a custom bouquet for $4!  How neat is that?


Speaking of weddings and flowers, that leads me to my next point.  I couldn’t help but notice that all the beautiful bouquets of flowers at the Missoula market were within a fine price range of $5 to $20….

And I thought to myself, hmmmmm some people spend hundreds of dollars on flower bouquets for weddings….

And then it hit me like a brick!  My bridesmaids and I are most definitely going to hit up the Farmers market on our way to the ceremony and pick out our bouquets right then and there.  I’ll just give them all a $10 bill and yell, “Okay ladies, scatter!  Pick the flowers you like best and meet back here in 10 minutes sharp.  Go, go go!!”

That is the most logical way to go about things, no?






I did make one purchase that I was quite happy about.  I bought the most beautiful, bright orange, heirloom tomato from a couple of friendly gals.  Are these the prettiest tomatoes you ever did see or am I just a fool that doesn’t get out much?




And guess what I used that little orange tomato for?  A delicious lunch of pasta with kale, tomato, basil and mozzarella 🙂



It was so good!  I just combined whole wheat spirals, chopped heirloom tomato, chopped kale, mozzarella cheese, hot sauce, salt and pepper!  Try it NOW!

The rest of our Saturday included an Oula dance workout, homework and a Griz football game.

It may or may not be true that Lauren, my brother and I left at half time to get smoothies and watch the rest of the game on T.V.  That is my kinda football game!

Have a wonderful Sunday night folks.  Hopefully I will be blogging more and more regularly as I get back in the habit of living in civilization 😀  More recipes with tomatoes and kale coming soon!!




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