Soak Up The Sun


So…I want to pick right back up and keep on keepin’ on with my usual posts about green smoothies and the deep thoughts I have while jogging really slow and listening to Lady Gaga, BUT I feel like I have to somehow write a post that conveys the greatness of my summer at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp.

And I tried really hard to write out everything my work as a camp counselor taught me and meant to me but it just ain’t happening.

I have come to accept that I will never be able to portray all that I felt and learned this summer.  I felt feelings too big to describe and learned too many lessons to count.

But I would like to share a few simple insights with y’all and share a few quotes…because who doesn’t love a good quote?

This quote helped me to be brave when I felt unsure if I was in the right place.

I experienced the joy of living simply.

I learned that the purest and truest of joys in life is to love and be loved.

My idea about who God is has grown and grown.  I see God as the creator, the father and the mother.  I am in awe of how deep and wide and beyond our understanding the creator’s love for all human kind is.  As I grew in my faith this summer, God grew bigger too.

God is Big Enough

So thank you Flathead Lake for everything!

Thank you for early morning runs around and around the same dirt road for the whole summer.  They never got old.  And every time I saw a deer staring at me I couldn’t help but wonder if it secretly wanted to tackle me for a laugh…Thankfully, it never did.

Thank you for being a place where we can jump in the lake fully clothed like it ain’t no thang.

And thank you Flathead Staff for being you and for loving me.   I found home in your beautiful presence this summer 🙂

Thank you Amanda for shaving off your eyebrow!

Thank you Anna and Jeff for you warm hugs!

Thank you Mallory for walking like a gremlin through the HuHot!

Thank you Katy, Allie and Nelson for great conversation!

Thank you Erik for your crazy driving…it certainly kept us terrified on our toes!

Thank you everyone for letting me teach you an Oula dance and for shaking it with me.  That was a dream come true :D!

I really could thank every individual for a moment that made me laugh or made me feel loved but let’s be real…it’s after midnight now and I will probably pass out any second now if I don’t get into bed!  I just hope everyone remembers how utterly special, unique and loved they are.

As I drove home from camp, I left with the overwhelming peace and joy that comes from knowing that no matter where I go, God will always be with me.  Whether I’m making oatmeal at the sorority house, tripping over rocks on a hike with friends, or in the car driving to a new adventure; You are there.  Thank You :).


Now it’s time for another year in Missoula (Lord, I love it here.)  Let’s do thissssssssssssssssssssssssssss!


3 thoughts on “Soak Up The Sun

  1. I second Dad’s comment. Makenzie, you have grown in so many areas the last couple of years into even more of a wonderful person then you already were. I am in awe of your maturity, sensitivity, kindness and the pure soul you are. Go get ’em Pretty!! Love you,


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