Summer at Flathead Lake (and lots of other fun places)


Is anyone listening??

I have to ask because it has been so long since I’ve made time for a little blogging action.  Usually summer break from college means ample blogging time but usually I am not working as a camp counselor.

Did I ever even inform y’all of that minor detail?  If not, my apologies, but yes!  It’s true! I am spending my summer spreading the sweet love of Jesus in the great outdoors.

And it turns out that camp counselors do not have much time to blog!  Because…

A) They are usually in areas of the world that are not lab top safe/do not include free wi-fi.  Places like here!

B) The life a camp counselor is jam-packed.  We are almost always on the go!  You can usually find us singing around the campfire, chasing youngins with paint (sometimes peanut butter) on our faces, eating Mindy’s home made granola, learning and attempting how to deal with challenging behaviors and driving around in a fifteen passenger van! By the time a counselor has a second to sit down blogging is not the first activity that comes to mind!  Usually a good nap is first priority!!

So between all that business and a lack of Wi-Fi, there has simply not been room for blogging.  And that’s okay!  I’m finding that a summer of working as a church camp counselor means taking a break from the normal routine.

For me it means, taking a break from being constantly in touch with everyone everywhere.  I spend a lot less time on Facebook and a lot less time texting.

It means trading in my study guides and lesson plan writing rubrics for song books and bible study planning guides.

It means going on hilly trail runs around camp instead of getting passed by countless cars in the city of Missoula.

Even the food I eat is different!  The food at camp is amazing.

We are talking home made “camp granola” and fresh pink lady apples around the clock.

And last week, when we came back from a week on the road putting on vacation bible schools, we were greeted by a dinner of lemon butter baked cod, steamed vegetables and a delcious ceasar salad.  Am I eating at camp or am I on a fancy date??  You tell me.

While sometimes the food is amazingly fresh and it blows my mind, other times my options are limited to food that is not exactly what I am used to.

These options are foods more like Little Ceasars Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhiches on white bread and corn dogs.

So basically the type of food that kids would kill for!

Anyone who reads my blog knows I am an advocate and lover of fresh, unprocessed food that can usually be categorized as vegetarian.

But when a host family or a church volunteer provides a donation of food for our meals, I want to express my thanks and gratitude towards them for their generosity.

When I take time to consider the children and adults around the world who are starving and scrambling for food, it becomes difficult to wish the pizza on my plate was a “healthier” option.

I guess what I am saying is that healthy food is great.  It is my passion and I will always strive to feed myself and those around me food that fuels their bodies well.

But I’m also learning that food in every form is a gift to be thankful for.  Especially when it is provided or prepared in kindness and generosity.

I wish I had pictures or recipes for you but since the first day of staff training began, the most cooking I have done is mixing camp granola with Cheerios and peanut butter for a really awesome breakfast.

In addition to a changed persepective and increased thankfullness for food, I’ve tried a lot of new things!


Like Kayaking!

And a 12 mile hike 😀

And sleeping under the stars.  Also cramming 3 people into a 2 person tent made for two people the size of garden gnomes.

Sometimes I miss the familiarity and comfort of my friends and family at home and Missoula, but I am loving this new life 🙂

Bring it on Summer!


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