Hello Again!

Hello Hello Hello!

My mom just reminded me that I haven’t posted in about two years weeks.  And I was like, Oh…you’re right.

It’s funny how easy it can be to stop doing something, even if it’s something you love, once you get out of the habit!

What’s been new with y’all?!

I hope everyone is enjoying some nice weather or the end of school.

I finished up my finals without too much stress and after spending a little time at home I got on a plane and headed to Minnesota/North Dakota.

I had been looking forward to this trip for a solid three months!  My reason for traveling to Minnesota has a lot to do with the joker pictured below:

Mark and I dated in high school but had to break up when his family moved to Minnesota.  We’ve kept in touch throughout the years and it finally felt like the right time to pay him a visit this year.

I had so much fun visiting him and his family!!  Here’s a few words of wisdom I took away from the trip:

1.  If you have not seen someone (especially someone in their teens or early twenties) in three years, they will look different when you see them next.  Be prepared to see a slightly older face.  Even if you have seen their face many a time over Face Time and Skype….I guarantee that you will be shocked!  Our reunion was less than glamorous…it involved a lot of gawking and wow’s because well, shoot, the faces we saw were not the faces we remembered!

2. Typically, men are not huge fans of green smoothies.  If you want to impress/bribe/please them; make this lasagna.

3. Distance only delays true love and true friendship; it does not end it.  Any relationship rooted in a genuine respect and love for each other will stand the test of time and y’all will be able to pick up right where you left off; I promise 🙂

And now, after four of the fastest and greatest days of the year, I am back in the good old 406.   Living the dream and walking my smallest love Lizzie!


I hope to share a few recipes with you while I have some down time between now and the start of my work as a Summer camp councilor!  We have some chunky cinnamon apple sauce in the fridge….I’m think cinnamon apple oatmeal muffins??

We’ll see if that actually happens.  But man I sure hope it does!  Hope everyone has muffins to eat and dogs to walk 🙂 Catch ya later!


One thought on “Hello Again!

  1. I think some of that lasagna should be in order for us at home before you head to the great northwest!

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