Life In Pictues

Judging my the amount of blogging I’ve done lately, it must be nearing the end of the college semester!

Here’s a glimpse of my life in pictures since I seem to be swamped with homework (or procrastinating homework, that takes time too you know)

Hiking the M with this hot mama for her 20th birthday


Sharing breakfast in the form of some very delicious Monster Cookie dough overnight oats.  But if you don’t make them the night before, I found that a 30 minute hike is plenty of time for them to soak in your back pack!


Eating grapfruit!  Who knew you could just peel it like an orange.  Genius.


Trying and failing to keep up with this speedy lady on long runs.   And attending a fund raising pancake breakfast.  We had no problem eating pancakes, syrup and chocolate milk to raise money for a good cause!


Almost dying of happiness at the Food Zoo.  Spinach, carrots, edamame, beets, humus, brown rice, sweet potato, and a spicy tomato seiten (vegetarian meat substitute.  just roll with it)  YUM!


Studying in the SUN 😀


In other news, I’ve also been loving:

Listening to “Kiss You” by One Direction and lip singing it every chance I get.  And no the janitor didn’t catch me dancing a little jig to it as I left the empty computer lab yesterday.  Don’t be silly. 😉

Reading Cold Tangerines.  This book is awesome and I can’t wait to share some of the high lights with you!

This quote from Sarah’s blog:


Keep rockin’ and rollin’ y’all!



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