MT > Vegas

Good Morning 🙂 And happy Earth day!!!

Has it been a good morning where you are?

It has been way too beautiful in Montana.  I can barely handle it.

I woke up to sunlight streaming in the windows.  How can you not be excited to start a day when you are greeted by sunshine?

I made my way downstairs and whipped up two cinnamon peach oatcakes topped with a smear of Peanut Butter and honey.

I’ve been thinking and one day it would probably be good for my body to take a break from peanut butter.

But that day is not today…and probably not tomorrow either…

You better believe I ate my pancakes in a patch of sunlight in the living room and I was so excited I forgot to take a picture.  Oops 🙂

That delicious breakfast fueled sitting through an hour of education psychology, a run by the river and yoga.  Take a gander at the fine scenery I got to see while running today!


Sun smiling down on me.

Water sparking and glistening.

Mountains tall and strong.

Wide open space and stillness all around me.


Mmhmmm.  It beat a crowded gym with TV’s and noisy machines.

Now how does Vegas play into all this you might ask?

Well, I went down to Vegas for spring break and, don’t get me wrong I had a blast, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the wide open spaces of Montana.

For the first time in my life, I realized how blessed I am to live in a place that is truly beautiful.

Vegas is exciting but it isn’t beautiful to me.

So many bright lights, posters, colors, people and crazy, complex architecture.

It was sensory overload and everything screamed,”Look at me!!”

The scenery in Montana, on the other hand is different. It’s natural. It’s real.

The beauty of nature just is.  It’s simple and humble.


It doesn’t have to flash lights or play music to grab your attention. It just presents itself quietly.

And this natural beauty takes my breath away and makes me feel alive every single time.  Without even trying!

Calm down, calm down.  I’m not saying “Don’t go to Vegas.”  You really should go for it!  Go ahead, get your fill of gambling and Michael Jackson impersonators if that is what floats your boat!

But I am saying that running alongside a MT river in the sunshine makes my heart so much happier than walking the Vegas strip any day 🙂


I hope everyone could get a glimpse of a little natural beauty today on Earth day!  Goodnight y’all 🙂


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