When your donuts turn into cake balls….

Well hello there!

If its alright with y’all, we’re just going to back it up a little and go back to Saturday morning.  I hope that is kosher.

On Saturday morning I leaped out of bed (as fast as one with freshly extracted wisdom teeth can) and made my way to the kitchen.

I was in the mood to bake.

And I wasn’t in the mood to bake just anything, I was baking donuts.

Lemonbalm Blackberry Donuts

Picture Source

I wanted to make these Lemon Balm yogurt Donuts from the Heather Christo Cooks blog because my dear friend Kathleen showed me the recipe and talked about how much she was craving them right before we left for break.

The only problem with living in a sorority, is that we aren’t allowed to use the big industrial ovens or stove…and I’d imagine that donut making is a difficult process when your only tools are a blender and a microwave.

So when I come home for a break, I am especially motivated to take advantage of a full functioning kitchen!  I knew these donuts would be a risky and interesting endeavor since I had neither a donut pan or donut making skills, but I went for it anyways.

I started by making the dough with gluten-free flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, salt, Greek yogurt and lemon yogurt.  I also added some almond extract because I just love that flavor.


The dough turned out great!  It tasted like almond lemon cookie dough 🙂  And look!  I didn’t even need that silly donut pan, I just shaped the dough with  my hands that I coated in vegetable oil spray.  Boom.


Next, I popped the donuts in the oven for the suggested cooking time.  After cooling on the baking sheet, I transferred them to a cooling rack and drizzled them with a sweet strawberry glaze made with 4 strawberries, 1.5 cups of powdered sugar and 1/4 cup of milk.  They looked like pink and yellow versions a samoa girl scout cookie!  So far, so good.


Between eating little bits of dough, testing the strawberry glaze and spraying my hands with oil, I had a great time making these!  Plus I was getting some fabulous pictures.  I was pretty proud of my handy work at this point and I thought I was a young, hip Paula Deen…

But guess what?

This recipe should have made 24 donuts.

I ended up with a final product of 12.

Now we all know that I love to indulge in my fair share of raw batter and dough, but I have a hard time believing I ate 12 donuts worth of dough.  Maybe 6.  But certainly not 12.

What I really did was I made giant donuts.

And I only cooked them for 10 minutes when they really should have been cooked for at least 20….

What you see in these pictures are not fluffy, light donuts that have been perfectly cooked but actually disks of half-baked dough that are very sticky and floppy when lifted to the mouth.

Oops 🙂


But while I may be blonde, I am most definitely not wasteful.

There was no way in heck I was going to toss these beautiful, uncooked, donuts into the trash.

So I turned them into lemon cake balls truffles 🙂  At first, my cat looked at me like, “Don’t even try….you’re off your rocker….”


But then she saw how pretty they turned out…….


And she was like, “Hmm not bad.  Well, I’m going back to sleep.”


So there you have it!

When life gives you soggy donuts…….you know what to do 😉

But if you want to try to make these donuts the right way, you can find the recipe right here!

Good luck!!




4 thoughts on “When your donuts turn into cake balls….

  1. Makenzie,

    I miss having your baked goodies in the kitchen even though Mom says I should not be eating them. How are you doing with the wisdom teeth?

    Love – DAD ________________________________

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