Waking Up In Vegas

Well howdayyyyy friends!

Long time no talk, eh?

I’ve been quite out of my usual routine these past couple of days.  First,  I was makin’ it rain in Las Vegas and now I’m on the couch with ice rubber banded to my slightly swollen face (thank you wisdom teeth extraction!).  It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend indeed.  Let’s start with a recap of Vegas first though, shall we?

And if we’re going to talk about Vegas, we also have to talk about Ms. Shania Twain.  Because she is the reason we ended up in Sin City for Easter weekend.

My bro is infatuated with Shania.  So when my mom saw she was performing in Vegas over our spring break, she knew it would be the perfect birthday present for Chuck!

We didn’t really realize it was over Easter until after we made plans, but it all turned out okay 🙂  It was an untraditional Easter weekend but we got to spend some great quality time together as a family and spent the majority of our trip laughing and joking with each other.  I don’t think this family would make it if we didn’t have a sense of humor!

Here’s a recap of our trip in pictures!

Our flight was right on time at 8:30 PM.



We arrived in Vegas around 9:30 and apparently this is when the party just gets started in this city!




Upon arrival, we caught a cab to our hotel (The Monte Carlo) and then headed into the city for a very late dinner!  We ate at a really cute Italian restaurant in New York, New York and I ordered polenta y fungi….

So basically mushrooms swimming in polenta soup.  I was trying to be creative!  Adventurous!  And man did that plan ever fail.  I ended up eating more of my parents delicious sausage and tomato pizza than my own strange entrée.  Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some! 🙂

After dinner and walking around, we discovered a cupcake shop in the Monte Carlo lobby.  The cupcakes were SO pretty and we knew we would be making a purchase before the trip was up.  How cute is the glitter on the frosting?  Oh baby they looked good.



Our first full day in Lost Wages, Nevada was spent walking around and chillin’ by the pool.  Our hotel had a sandy volley ball court!  How neat is that?!

While I’ve never been a huge fan of volley ball because I can’t get a serve over to save my life unless I’m two feet from the net…and even then it’s a toss up (pun!) but somehow I manged to get a few serves over this time and it was an absolute blast!

After soaking up the sun, we headed up to the room to get ready for the concert.  And I wore my cowboy boots from JC Pennies for the first time ever!




We sat in the last row of the stadium, but I thought our seats were great!  The best part about being in the back is that no one could even think about getting mad at me when I stood up to jam out to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman!”.  But I think it is basically a crime to not stand up and dance to a live performance of that classic, who’s with me?




Sorry I don’t have more pics of the actual concert!  I got reprimanded by a security guard for taking pictures during the show…whoopsies!




After the show, we explored the city some more and my dad found this quote on some wall..wish I could remember where…and I LOVE it!

Before we knew it, it was Easter Sunday!  I was a little bummed we couldn’t go to an Easter church service, but even missing church couldn’t hold me back from having a happy heart on this special day that celebrates new life and the rising of my King!

Our Easter in Vegas started out with a late brunch at the Bellagio Hotel. It was beyond gorgeous inside; so many fresh and beautiful spring flowers!




Ahhhhhh 🙂  The white and pink striped tulips were probably my favorite!  For brunch I ordered an omelet with lobster and asparagus which was very delicious!  Since I’m not used to having my first meal so late I was quite hungry and wasn’t even thinking about getting out my camera when our breakfast came to the table haha sorry!

After a super yummy brunch we walked around the Bellagio and admired the beautiful chocolate shop and bakery next to the conservatory.  I love looking at all the beautiful cakes and chocolate art in this shop.

But I’m kind of a fool because I love that chocolate store soooo much but I get overwhelmed and always leave empty-handed because I can’t pick what to buy!  Don’t worry though; Easter was not spent without a few sweets.  When we got back to the hotel, we purchased some cupcakes from the super cute bakery in the lobby and saved them for later….later as in like the second we got to the room…

My mom chose carrot cake w/cream cheese, vanilla w/coconut cream cheese and raspberry with champagne frosting.



Oh my lanta.  The raspberry cupcake with campagne buttercream was too good!  I never would have picked it but I loved it.

The rest of Easter was spent relaxing by the pool and walking around the strip some more until we got hungry and stopped in the House of Blues restaurant for dinner.  I became very excited to find out there is a large variety of Cholula hot sauce.  Who knew!  The chili lime was sooo good and I couldn’t stop smelling it which is probably socially unacceptable.



There wasn’t any live music playing that night at the House of Blues because a member of the scheduled band got sick.  But we ended up having a lot of fun talking and telling old stories 🙂

And that’s really the bulk of the trip friends!  Thanks for joining me in a recap of the more exciting half of my Spring Break.

The second half is all about wisdom teeth surgery.  So I’ll be back with stories of life as a puffy chip munk face on a liquid diet next time!




One thought on “Waking Up In Vegas

  1. This post is not complete without letting those who read it know the funniest comment made the whole trip: I was playing a slot machine while we were waiting to get into a restaurant and Makenzie is watching with this puzzled look on her face and asks “Mom? So, you cant lose money right??” ….laugh….laugh some more… “No, dear, this is Vegas, everyone is a winner” And yes! I won, a whopping 5 bucks!!

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