A Swingin’ Good Time


How has your weekend been?

And who’s excited that it is finally spring time?!  I know this girl is.  Spring has been celebrated in my life with pastel blue and yellow toe nails and Reese’s eggs.  I swear candy tastes better when it’s in a Spring themed wrapper.  And Spring Oreos?  Oh baby.  They are clearly the best.


How good would a Spring Oreo Milkshake be?

Good gracious I’m getting off track.  Let’s start with Saturday morning.

It didn’t look very springy when I woke up.  Nope.


I was supposed to run 5 miles to finish off the Ironman triathlon challenge, but the weather made me want to stay inside with my hot tea and eat a package of Spring Oreos.  So I decided to leave it up to the weather to decide if I went on my run or not later.  I ate a little oatmeal and worked on homework until it was time for a lunch date with my “little” Annie.

Sorority Lingo 101: Little (Annie): Noun; member of a fraternity or sorority who has a “Big” (me!) that looks after, mentors and shares chocolate with the little.

One of the best parts about having a little?  They are freshmen.  And freshmen sometimes swipe you into the Food Zoo.  Oh, how I love the college cafeteria 🙂  My favorite meal is a veggie sandwich with humus, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, spinach and beets. YUM!


After lunch and a few more hours of homework, the sun was shining bright and the snow had melted!  This is spring in MT y’all. I had a very happy 5 mile run and finished the Ironman a day early.

Maybe next time I’ll do it in one day!

Hahahahaha oh that is a grand joke.

After catching up with my mom and a warm shower, I made myself dinner; a Greek quesadilla with greens and Tzatziki sauce.


My quesadilla had humus, feta, mozzarella, tomatoes, red pepper and olives in it.  Isn’t that a nice change from the usual Mexican quesadilla?!  The Tzatziki was super easy; just chopped cucumber, lemon juice, garlic, plain Greek yogurt and hot sauce 🙂

I watched The Office while I ate and couldn’t help but giggle a little…

“There’s no such thing as an appropriate joke.  That’s why it’s funny.” ~Michael Scott

Oh  Michael 🙂 Next on my agenda was Forrester’s Ball 2013.

Forrester’s Ball is a 96 year old tradition at my college where there is free chilli, a live band, lot’s of wood chips and swing dancing!

Basically here’s what went down:

~a red plaid shirt and borrowed red cowboy boots

~bonding with my little, my big, and other good friends before the ball

~getting married at the Saint Grizzly Chapel and stretching out the cheap, tin ring to fit my 24 hour husbands finger

~sliding down a HUGE, greased slide at tops speeds and running into a pile of wood chips

~swing dancing until my feet were sore 🙂

~coming home and chatting with my girlfriends in the kitchen

~laughing soo hard after watching Shelbi drop her bowl of shepherds pie and spill it all over the chair like a champ 😉

~sleeping like a rock and NOT setting an alarm!

~waking up for warm green tea and Ashtanga yoga by a sunny window to start the day

I had so much fun at this lumber jack bash!  While college in general and Forrester’s Ball is well known for being a huge drinking event, I have had a blast for the past two years 100% sober 😀  You don’t have to schwasted to have a swingin’ good time in my opinion!

Hope everyone has an awesome Sunday!


One thought on “A Swingin’ Good Time

  1. Way to go on that Ironman accomplishment!! And so glad to hear you had a ball at the Ball! A pedi in LV at a fab spa and shopping for that perfect outfit to rock it at Shania will truly make it officially SPRING! The countdown has begun – 4 days and counting 🙂

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