Sour Green Apple Smoothie



Let’s cut straight to the chase shall we??

This smoothie is the bomb.

After venturing out for a morning jog with my sorority sister and best bud Kathleen, we came home to make breakfast and I realized it wasn’t just any old Sunday…it was St. Patricks day!!!  Wahhhhaohsod!

This realization called for green food.  And since Leen didn’t seem to jazzed by my proposal to die our pancakes green….

…I whipped up a smoothie made with only green ingredients!  In the blender went:

  • 1 chopped granny smith apple
  • 2 chopped kiwis
  • a handful of green grapes
  • a big handful or two of spinach
  • water
  • ice
  • and the secret ingredient: the juice of 1/2 of a lime!


What a beaut.  I really liked this smoothie and it was a nice change from my usual shakes that center around banana and strawberries 🙂  But be ready to pucker up, that lime juice sure is sour!

This recipe made just enough for two medium sized smoothies that Leen and I enjoyed with a plate of pancakes.  Leen made the pancakes with coconut, eggs, milk, yogurt, almonds, chocolate chips, cinnamon, bisquick and probably anything else in our little kitchen…Leen doesn’t really measure when she cooks, but maybe one day we will get an exact recipe to you kind people because these pancakes rocked!!  If you haven’t ate pancakes with chocolate chips and coconut, I highly suggest you hop to it.



A green smoothie and chocolate chip pancakes is probably the best way to start off a Sunday.  I am about 101% certain of that.  But besides the greenest smoothie of my life, the festivities of St. Patricks Day are pretty slim around here…

While I am indeed wearing my brightest green shirt with green earrings, this year is less memorable than St. Patricks Day 2012.

Last year St. Patricks day fell on a Friday and I got invited to a party.  Yay!

Typically when college girls go to parties they dress in their cutest outfits and get all dolled up.

I wasn’t familiar with this protocol…so I thought it would be a brilliant plan to wear every piece of green clothing I could find to the party, and I convinced my friends it would be the joke of the century.


But when we walked in the door and saw everyone dressed in normal attire we just felt like awkward goofballs….jeeze, who’s idea was that anyways?!?….my bad…

In the end, we forgot how silly we looked and ended up having a very fun time!  This is still one of my favorite St. Patty’s Day memories though because we were mortified when we first realized we stuck out like a sore thumb.  My oh my, the ideas I get sometimes…

I hope your St. Patricks day is wonderful and a little less awkward than mine usually are!

But then again, an awkward party makes for a dang good story later so don’t get too discouraged if you find yourself alone in your excitement for the holiday!

P.S. EXCITING NEWS!  Thanks to the suggestion of my number one fan and best friend Rachel, Kenzys Kitchen now has a recipe page for y’all to quickly access the recipes I post 🙂  Thank you Mama Ray for your genius suggestion!




4 thoughts on “Sour Green Apple Smoothie

  1. Sour green apple smoothie? Hmmm, I don’t know if my stomach could handle that one.

    Hope all is well and you have a great St Paddys Day and a good week at school.

    Love you,

    Dad, Mom, Conner (Liz and Molly too)


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