Desert after Breakfast?

How you doin?

I always think of my friend Rachel when I hear that phrase because whenever I was with her and we saw a cute guy she would whisper, “How youuuuuu doin??”  Sometimes a little too loudly 🙂

As for myself, I’m doing alright!  I’m in a lot better shape than last night.

Last night my friends and I saw the movie, “The Impossible” and it rocked my world more than any movie ever.

I’ve never watched a movie about a natural disaster but this film was by far the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.  While murders, shootings and other human inflicted tragedies are beyond horrible and emotionally painful, natural disasters strike me as even more terrifying because they can inflict such a large number of people and they’re so hard/impossible to control.

While this movie was super hard to watch and it evoked streams of tears from all my friends and me, it showed moments of compassion and love in their truest forms.  These moments brought smiles to our faces and hope to our hearts because even in the midst of the worst tragedies, love never dies!

I totally suggest this movie!  And I also suggest bringing some tissues and a close friend who doesn’t mind if you lay your head on their shoulder for a solid 20 minutes when you feel sad (thanks Hal!).  This quote sums up what this movie taught me.


Pinned Image


Moving on to talk about eggs instead of tsunamis, breakfast today started off on unique note.



I am not a bacon and omelet girl.  No sir.  Breakfast means carbs and sugar aka oatmeal and fruit (or a muffin!).  And always Peanut butter 😀  In the spirit of branching out, I scrambled eggs with chopped red pepper, avocado, spicy sirachi and feta for a yummy change today.




It was really good!  I’ve heard people say eating a savory breakfast reduces their cravings for sugar throughout the day.  This is not the case for me.  Eating a savory breakfast made me crave chocolate because I felt like it was lunch time!  The day I start eating desert after breakfast too will be an interesting day indeed.

After my protein packed breakfast, I started studying for my two tests coming up on Tuesday and sipped a hot mug of green tea with blueberry (aka one green tea packet plus one blueberry tea packet).  I love making bland green tea better with a fruit tea in the same mug!



I studied long enough to get a sore bum from sitting and then I went to the gym for a hot date with the stationary bike!  The school gym challenged students to complete an iron man triathlon in 3 weeks, and I figured if some people can do this in one day, I sure as heck can do it in three weeks!

One sweaty hour later I completed a fifteen mile bike ride with hills.  I think know I looked like a maniac for the last two miles because I really had to haul some serious hiney to complete the distance!  But, hey, whatever it takes! 15 miles down, only 97 miles to go 😀

Well, time to hit the books again!  Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Shoot me a comment if you see that crazy movie!



2 thoughts on “Desert after Breakfast?

  1. Haha, ‘How youuuu doing’ always reminds me of Joey from Friends…and that is a good quote to take away from a movie, i will have to watch it for sure!

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