Seize The Day

Happy Tuesday!

How is your day going??

Mine just started so not much has happened yet besides some serious bed head, so allow me to fill you in on yesterday 🙂

I woke up and made my new favorite smoothie.  This smoothie is perfect for a person who isn’t a huge veggie fan because it tastes a little more like a bright green, chocolate banana milk shake than liquified spinach, I promise!  For this breakfast of champions, you blend up:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 large handful of spinach
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • a splash of milk (and more if your blender gets stuck)
  • 3 to 4 ice cubes
  • 1 spoonful of creamy peanut butter

The peanut butter was the star of this shake.  I have always been skeptical of PB in a smoothie….I figured you couldn’t even taste it all blended up so why waste it?

But man was I wrong!  The PB gives the smoothie a super thick, creamy texture and it blends pretty awesome with chocolate protein powder.  I poured my smoothie into a recycled PB jar (and felt super granola!) and I enjoyed it with a cup of steaming hot green tea and half of a delicious pink lady apple.


Booyah.  Breakfast of Champions Fo’ Sho.

I thought this breakfast would fuel me up real good for the entire day, but I felt so sleepy after my first class.  Weird.  Have y’all ever convinced yourself that dark chocolate is the only cure for your sluggishness?

Well, I have.  Yum.


While I nibbled on my dark chocolate square, I took the time to admire this lovely piece of artwork by Sarah Grant in the Education building.


I think it is so beautiful and colorful.  I would love to have this in my classroom or my home!  My favorite part of the artwork was the quote around the frame:

“The secret to life is the passage of time with family and friends. Laugh. Dream. Relax. Thank your lucky stars. Celebrate. Tradition. Live life to the fullest. Work hard. Play hard. Respect others. Get cozy. Know love. Kiss and hug. Give of yourself. Make plans. Seek knowledge. Love Animals. Relish the night. Walk in the woods. Engage in lively conversations. Live now. Seize the day. Love life.”

This art set the tone for my whole day.  It reminded me that life is all about balance.  You want to work hard, but don’t forget to relax too.  And always, always be thankful for what you have.


I left the Ed building feeling refreshed and energized.  Was it the chocolate or the quote…I guess we’ll never know 😉

My next class was yoga, so I hoped on the elliptical to squeeze in a 40 minute interval workout.  I broke up the 40 minutes like this:

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 5 minutes at resistance 12
  • 5 minutes at resistance 14
  • 5 minutes at resistance 16
  • repeat 5 minute intervals in the order 12, 14, 16 until you have ellipticalled for 40 minutes!

After the elliptical, our yoga class was nice and easy.  Apparently, you don’t practice Ashtanga Yoga on full moons, who knew?!  After yoga, I checked my phone and noticed I had a text from my friend Tessa asking me to join her at an Oula class.  I almost turned her down, but then I remembered the quote….Seize the Day….

I ended up going to the class and having an absolute blast.  There is nothing better than bumpin’ great music on full blast and waving your arms in the air like ya just don’t care.  I’m really thankful for classes like Oula that give people a chance to be active, express themselves and get a little high on life.  I think it is very healthy to drop it like it’s hot at least once a week 😉

Speaking of healthy, I have a big announcement!

I switched my area of concentration from math to health and human performance!

Because let’s be real….I write about spinach smoothies, uplifting quotes and sweating it out on the yoga mat and the dance floor not algebra.

Don’t get me wrong, Math is super important and I intend to teach it well but health and well being is the subject I can’t wait to teach my little ones about.

It’s a decision I thought a lot about and I feel like I am definitely and finally in the right place.

Pinned Image

  Follow your hearts y’all 🙂

And check out the song of the day!  Man I have been loving Justin Bieber lately, so here it is, take it or leave it!


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