Where Have You Been

English Muffins.

Where the heck have you been all my life??

Well, okay I know….I hated on you hard-core when I was little and I probably hid you in my napkin or fed you to the dog under the table….sorry about  that…

Because you are pretty fricken’ awesome!  I’m not sure what inspired me to try an English Muffin today….but before you knew it I had a toasty muffin smeared with peanut butter and topped with sliced banana on my plate.


Best breakfast ever when paired with a delicious Green Smoothie!  My smoothie today had lettuce, a clementine, a banana, milk, a few strawberries and ice, ice baby 🙂


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m so excited it’s FRIDAY 😀

Today I am looking forward to lunch with my sweetest Bethany, getting some work done before a fun packed weekend and possibly a run around the old neighborhood in the afternoon.  It felt great to sleep in today and wake up to breakfast, not a bike ride to the gym 🙂  You gots to switch it up sometimes!

Speaking of the gym……………


You better believed I signed up.  3 weeks, some serious mileage, and hopefully a big ice cream sunday is waiting for us at the finish line.  Wish me and my sisters that signed up good luck!  We’re gonna need it…..

I’ve never swam for a workout before but I’m guessing one needs goggles and a one piece suit….well, folks I have neither….so I’m just gonna embrace the judgemental looks I get when I show up for a morning swim in my not so sporty bikini haha.  Haters gonna hate, right?

Keep on keepin’ on y’all and have a fabulous Friday!!  In light of my super risky English Muffin trying today, I want to share this quote 😉



2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been

  1. I am constantly amazed that the simple things I tried to feed you for breakfast are now met with applause! I see a mighty fine tasting meatloaf in your future here missy….can you say YUMMO???? LOL and btw, you do have a one piece suit and prob a pair of speedo goggles thrown under your bed, snuggled up next to that dusty flute. Post that meatloaf recipe youre gonna try out on all of us and I will send them up pony express!!

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