My Sweet Child

Hi Everybody!  How was your weekend??

Mine was full of friends, laughter and dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing becuase I do indeed love to shake it 😀

Bethany and I went on out adventure!  We were invited to the Sig Ep fraternity function, “Queen of Hearts Ball.”  The itinerary consisted of: water park, dinner, and dancing!

I was looking forward to almost all of it…..but not the water park….

I just don’t get excited about water slides and slippery stairs…never have…I’m just a big ball of fun aren’t I??

But it turns out those water parks aren’t so bad after all!  It’s funny how college students turn back into 5-year-old the second you put them in floaty tubes on a lazy river 🙂

For dinner, Sweet Beth and I split the Greek chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.  Good gracious.  So good.



When I go out to eat with Bethany, we almost always split something.  And she refuses to give me any input on what to choose.  Sometimes we joke that we are like “mother and child”….but it’s actually mostly the truth 😉


Well, I intended to talk about what happened after our weekend adventure (Oula dance class and baked oatmeal!) but now I just feel like talking about my friend Bethany 🙂  Here’s the story of how we came to be Mother and Child:

It all started on our high school tennis bus.  I had nowhere to sit.  She had nowhere to sit.  Before you knew it, us two awkward kids were sitting next to each other.

I remember thinking, “Oh boy….a three hour road trip full of small talk…when all I want to do is stare out the window and listen to Owl City and Ke$ha….”

We said our timid hello’s and then waited for someone to bring up the usual topic….like, soooooo what brings you to the tennis bus?

But then Bethany pulled out a small, rubber baby from her purse and said, “Meet Sanjay, my smallest, sweet babe.”

And the rest was history.  You simply can’t have a boring conversation with girls who carry around small rubber babes!

We became the best of pals on the tennis team.  And as the school year ended, we had one goal on our minds: Become the best tennis players in the world.  Or Montana.  Which ever came first.


We slept, lived and breathed tennis that summer.  Waking up with the rising sun and heading to the courts to set out cones for footwork drills.  Going to tennis lessons together.  Studying quotes from Serena Williams.  All with the final goal of one day playing Griz tennis in college before dominating at Wimbledon.


After all that practice and sweat, we made our first debut at the Western Montana Open in Missoula!

Annnnddddd We got our butts kicked.  I cried like a baby and sweet Beth patted my back while I blubbered my eyes out.  It turns out we still had a lot of work to do to be the best.

While our dream of becoming the next Serena and Venus didn’t come true, something even better came out of those hours on the tennis courts.

We became best friends 🙂

We laughed until we cried when we lost a fairly important tennis match all because I whispered to Bethany how I was so surprised my last shot went over the net that I let out “a small fart.”  It was all down hill from there.  We lost all our next games because we couldn’t keep a straight face to save our lives!

We baked a lot of cake.  One for the Superbowl!  Cupcakes for Bethany’s 18th Birthday!  A graduation cake!  Once we started making a funfetti cake at 11 PM, and proceeded to drop the piping hot cake on the floor when we pulled it out of the oven.  We scrambled to shove the hot cake down the sink garbage disposal when we heard the garage opening as my parents got home….they never caught us!  Until now, uhm surprise 😉


We survived robot baby motherhood together!  Bethany’s baby, Curry Reese, and my sweet babe, Preston Jaymes, couldn’t talk but they were great friends 😀


I prepared many quesidillas and pasta bowls full of Bethany’s favorite ingredient, sweet red peppers, and we spent countless summer afternoons sitting on my back porch in the sunshine where we gossiped like old ladies.

And yes, we still gossip like old ladies…our new favorite snack is large blocks of cheese and apples lol.

I tried to hook her up with my brother so we could be official sisters….that kind of fell through …

But until she has a ring on her finger, there is still hope!  Just look how cute they are?!

We are a good looking bunch, no?

Whether Sweet Beth marries my brother or not, we’ll always be family 🙂

I’m so glad we had no friends that day on the tennis bus and I can’t wait to add more memories to the adventures of the Gold Digger and the Trickiest Indian.

Love you Smitherin 🙂


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