Chocolate Shopping Spree

what’s up everyone?!

Who’s happy it’s Friday?  I know I am 🙂

Today started off with a bang.  And I really mean that.

At the end of my morning yoga practice, I tried to do a head stand and boom.  For the first time in my whole life, I found the courage to lift my legs up and straighten them out in official head stand position!!

I balanced for about 1/2 a second before I crashed to the floor and probably woke up the whole sorority….whoopsies…

Today I didn’t take pictures of my smoothie and cheese roll up, buuuut I do have pictures of yesterday’s oats mixed with peach Greek yogurt and topped with nuts.  Plus an orange slice…yum 😀



Both today and yesterday’s breakfast’s were eaten cozied up by the fire place…so nice!




After breakfast, I ran up stairs for a quick shower and almost flipped when I thought a tick had joined me in the shower…

…but it wasn’t a tick, it was a lady bug!  Surely that is a good sign??  I thought about taking the lady bug outside with me when I went to class so it could be free…but I just realized I definitely forgot…oops.

After my psychology class, I rushed (and I mean rushed) out of the building, hopped on my bike and booked it 2 miles across town to an interview for volunteer tutoring.  I was so nervous that I would be 10 minutes late, hot and sweaty or worse…lost…which is a very realistic worry because I get lost, like, every day.

But none of that happened!  I found the place with no trouble and ended up being 10 minutes early.  Big sigh of relief there!

And the interview went well.  The more and more I have interviews, the more I grow to enjoy them.  Unless you are interviewing for a position you know you aren’t excited about or couldn’t do well in, there is no reason to be nervous!

Seriously, don’t waste your sweat.  The way I see it, if you know you’d be a good person for the job then just be yourself and you got it.  And if you don’t get it, well maybe that’s because there’s something better out there 🙂

After the interview I had to make a pit stop at Safeway.

I had no choice.  Valentines day is hot on my heels and there is not a single piece of pink wrapped chocolate in my home.  Not okay.

Check out the loot!



I got two bags of pretty, chocolate hearts (all for the low price of $4!) and some dark chocolate almonds.  The hearts are for crafty gifts…the almonds are for me 🙂

I LOVE Valentines day.  I mean c’mon people, pink, red, chocolate and sugar…does it get any better??

Lunch today was a dang delicious Mexican salad with spinach, corn, black beans, salsa, refried beans, hot sauce and a sprinkle of feta….

aka everything slightly Mexican but the kitchen sink haha??  But it was yummy 🙂



Now I’m off to get some homework done because Bethany and I are going on an adventure this weekend!  Hope everyone has a good day and a relaxing, fun filled weekend to come 🙂


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