Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh Hey!

What’s up?!  I almost missed you in this fast pace blur that’s been my life lately.

I tell ya…one second I’m in my leisure slacks mixing pudding and cool whip for a crustless pie and then, before you know it, no more pudding and lot’s of to do lists and pencil skirts for meetings.

It’s okay though.  I do enjoy being busy!  And I’m sure I’ll find make some time for whipping up sweets.

So here’s whats new:

Yesterday I made an oat bowl with Kashi Go Lean Crunch instead of Oats.  Mixed em up with plain Greek yogurt, chopped berries and PB and let the mix sit for a few hours while I was at the gym….pretty dang tasty and very very sweet!




Hillary  inspired me to embark on the healthy sELF challenge.  Then I noticed the challenge for the day was do 100 burpees.

That is a grand joke indeed! I did 50 and, friends, that will just have to suffice.

Here’s how I did it:

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 crunches
  • 10 pushups

Repeat 5 times for a decent sweat and lovely red face 🙂  Repeat 10 times if you are truly inspired!

Flash forward to lunch time and you might notice a pattern…I can’t stop eating “lettuce bowls.”



Lettuce bowls with quinoa salad.


Lettuce bowls with tuna and couscous salad.

It’s a real addiction.  The lettuce bowl can be made by getting yourself a bowl, lots of spinach or romaine and topping it with any and every fresh veggie around, humus (maybe roasted red pepper?!) and then a grainy salad such as cranberry quinoa or tuna couscous.  Oh and hot sauce tops any lettuce bowl, but that should be obvious ;).

Today I had a mug of purple sludge (smoothie with spinach, blackberries, ice and milk!) and a packet of instant oatmeal with the last of our natural PB.


Have y’all ever noticed how the natural PB at the bottom of the jar is super dry and salty?

Like so salty that you probably get 200% of you daily value in one bite?

Well, I did.  And , yet, I still ate every bite of that dry, peanut salt butter.  Lord help me.

And my final announcement is the birth of a new blog.  Yay!  The University of Montana Panhellenic blog to be exact 🙂

 I am working with the PR reps in the UM sororities and my Panhellenic team to get this new blog a rollin’.  Check it out for stories about sorority life and get a better picture of real life sororites than what the media shows.  Just click on this: http://letterseveryday.wordpress.com/

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  There’s more to sorority life than learning the bend and snap.


For one thing, we eat a lot of cookies.


Seriously, I think I sampled……chocolate, sugar, PB….gluten free sugar….4 cookies yesterday??

Between care packages, treats at meetings and cookie decorating events, ya just can’t avoid it!

But, really, my sorority holds a place very near and dear to my heart.  These girls are my family and I love every one of them.

Yes, even you two hooligans 😉

Happy Happy Happy uh…what day is it….WEDNESDAY!  Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂  I think it’s time for my bed time now!


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