Weekend Rewind

Gouda Morning 🙂  It’s Sunnnnnnnnnndayyyyyyyyyyy!

Who has great plans for the big game?  If I was watching it, I’d be sure to make Jenna’s buffalo chicken dip or make the buffalo chicken wontons that Shelbi and I have been talking about making for the past year….still hasn’t happened…

Instead of superbowling today, I’ll be babysitting!  I do love a Sunday filled with chips, dips, M&M’s and commercials but I jumped on this babysitting job since I don’t work during the school semester and  I had no definite plans.  Cheer on…uh…someone for me!

If anyone’s interested, I’d like to do a quick recap of my weekend!

On Friday, I got FroYo with some girlfriends.  And then we watched Juno which I love.

Vanessa: “I want to be a mom so bad.  Have you ever felt like you were born to do something?”

Juno’s Dad: “Yes.  Heating and air conditioning.”


I fell asleep with high hopes for waking up and going for a run.  But then I woke up and decided to chill out and eat breakfast instead!


I topped a bowl of creamy, plain Greek yogurt with a sliced banana, PB and a mixture of Cheerios and Kashi Crunch.


Yum!  And holy protein.  This kept me full for hours. After adequate digestion,  I texted my friend sweet Beth and we headed to the gym for a morning workout.

We did:

  • 15 minutes elliptical
  • 20 minutes bike
  • 2 rounds of my favorite PB fingers circuit workout!

The indoor track overlooks the basketball court which was full of a plethora of players. While Bethany and I worked through a set of squats, Beth whispered to me, “Oh, I hope those boys aren’t watching us…”  And before I could respond, a player called out, “You ladies can come on down now!”

Well they were definitely talking to a group of girls playing basketball with them.  But that didn’t stop us from looking like the fools of the world by snapping our heads around since we thought he was talking to us. Bahaha we couldn’t stop laughing!


I spent the rest of the day working on homework and PR stuff before heading to a birthday party for Shelbi’s boyfriend.  I wish I got pictures!  We played darts (I didn’t spear anyone thank God!), ate grasshoper pie and played the “paper game” which never fails to make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

And that brings us to this morning!


I treated myself to a banana muffin that I smeared with Greek yogurt and PB 😀

Will I ever be a person who just eats the muffin plain instead of messing with it?

Probably not!

On the side, I had a green smoothie (banana, spinach, strawberries, milk, ice!) in a lady bug mug 🙂


And that right there is my life!  I hope everyone has a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday!

Verse of the Day:  “He who has a merry heart will have a feast forever” Proverbs 15:15


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