Ice (The Bain of My Existance)

Hey oh!

One time, when my family and I were spending spring break in Arizona, my brother walked into the hotel room and yelled, “Hey-Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” in the funniest voice and I almost died laughing.  No really, like he had to take away my cup off hot chocolate so I didn’t suffer third degree burns since I was shaking so hard with laughter….and it really wasn’t that funny…but man.  I really lost it.

So that’s the memory I’ll always associate with that little phrase!  In other news, how is your week going so far?

For us college kids at the U of M, it’s been a blur of syllabus reading, scrambling to make it to class on time and narrowly avoiding slipping on the icy sidewalks.  Well, that’s life for me at least.

My earliest class today was at 9:40 so that left me plenty of time for a morning workout!  Today I squeezed in a 3 mile run (with a little walking hehe) and a quick date with the weights for my arms.

But the real workout was walking to the gym.

I have an irrational fear of slipping on the ice and I am not too proud to resort to crawling on all fours when the conditions call for it.



Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Today it was supppppppppper slick!  I broke out in a nervous sweat and I squeezed muscles I never knew I had just to keep myself upright.  And then I would see other people just breeze by me, walking at a normal pace and I felt like yelling, “Slow down, stop!  It’s slippery!”, or, “I’ll give you the contents of my pockets for a piggy  back ride!

Long story short, the ice is my arch enemeny…well, that and meat loaf…shudder.

So if anyone needs a part-time job, I’m willing to pay some kind soul to haul my scaredy cat self around campus on a sled. $1 an hour…hit me up.

Moving on to breakfast, today’s bowl of oats was slightly out of control.

I let a bowl of oats and strawberry Choibani yogurt hang out overnight and then this morning I topped it with fresh blackberries and raspberries.




But I didn’t stop there.  I mushed and crushed the berry oat mixture until it was nice and mixed up.




Then I topped the berry oat mush with pistachios and Kashi Go Lean for a little texture crunch.

Mmmmmmmmm it was nice.

After a quick shower and another nerve-wracking walk across campus, I was in my education technology class.  This class will teach us how to use modern technology in our class room!  We’re gonna be pretty hip at the end of this next three months.

Before you knew it, it was time for lunch.


Today I spread half of a very ripe avocado on a tortilla and topped it with spinach, tomato, cucumber, feta and hot sauce!  It was soooo good 🙂  And served with a random assortment of fruit, veg and uh pickle.

I just got out of my second and last class for the day, “Health Issues of Children and Adolescents.”

I already know I will LOVE this class!  Health, emotional psychology and child development fascinates me.  Plus the teacher is basically a comedian and reminds me of Ellen.  Could it get any better?

This teacher said the quote of the day today!:

“You can’t teach a kid who isn’t healthy.  And a kid can’t stay healthy if they aren’t educated.”

Amen sister.

Well, I’m off to finish a math worksheet, order some more books and hopefully get some laundry going before a panhellinic meeting tonight with my fellow sorority chicka dees.  Keep on keepin’ on y’all!  And watch out for that dang ice.


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