Girl On Fire


Why do I blog?

Why do I take pictures of my food and tell you about my lack of coordination in Turbo Kickboxing class?

It’s a fair question.  I’m certainly not getting paid to instagram my morning bowl of oats.  So, what the heck man, don’t I have anything better to do?


I blog because I enjoy creating.

I enjoy creating words that stands for something good.

In America, we see millions of commercials and advertisements every day and, personally, I’m not super jazzed about the message behind all these advertisements.

Particularly the messages to women.

If you flip on the T.V. in the early morning, get ready for a whole lot of infomercials on every diet and exercise tip in the world.

As you check out your groceries, get ready for a magazine praising a woman for her post-baby body or dissing one for her not so hot bikini body.

Today I learned that about 50% of women wish they were skinnier after flipping through a fashion magazine.

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It makes me wonder.

What woman doesn’t struggle with body issues?

Whether you’re a size zero or shopping in the plus size section, whether you thrive on Cross Fit classes and coconut water or reading by the fire and drinking hot cocoa.

No matter who you are or what you do, you have a body…do you like what you see in the mirror?

I know I’ve struggled with my fair share of body image issues since…..middle school?

As a future teacher who works with kids, I’ve heard girls as young as fifth grade talk about being fat.

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And you know what?  I am sick and tired of it.

I don’t want to count my calories.

I don’t want to feel guilty for eating cake at my best friends birthday.

I don’t want to dread going to the gym but go anyways because I feel worthless if I don’t.


I want to eat food that is wholesome, real and nutritious.

Bliss and Karma

I want to enjoy a slice of funfetti cake with my girl friends.

And I want to engage in daily physical activity that makes me happy.  Yoga, running in the sun, Oula and Zumba with my sorority sisters, Intramural soccer with my beyond awful team that only wins when the other team doesn’t show up.

So much of today’s media makes women feel like their worth lies in the beauty of their body.

But guess what?

You don’t have to listen.

Nope.  You have the power to be free if you believe it.

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Because You are worth more than your weight.

Choose happiness and freedom.  Love yourself.  Be thankful for the body you have.

I believe if you treat yourself and others with love and respect, then health and happiness will come naturally.

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If you didn’t know, I’m in a sorority.  (Delta Gamma for life!)

And last semester I managed to get on the board of women who govern all the sororities on campus.

Today we had our first meeting.

Can you tell I spent 6 hours with smart, strong, hilarious and inspiring female leaders??  I was feeling the girl power.

Our time together today brought up issues such as these and it reminded me that sororities were not founded for the purpose of life long partying and flirting with fraternity boys.

Sororities are meant to make college women better.  Delta Gamma is meant to shape a woman so she is inspired and capable to do good.

I feel so blessed to be in DG and I can’t wait to see what else my sisters and my sorority inspire in me and our community.

I hope this post does good in hearts of women everywhere 🙂 Thanks for reading y’all!

Check it!:

Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys


6 thoughts on “Girl On Fire

  1. You should read “captivating” by Jon and Stasi Eldrige. Especially chapter 8. It’s super good girl power inspiration and mostly Biblical! I’m actually gonna blog about it one of these days!

  2. Great words and message to live by Makenzie. I hope all the DG girls read it and know they have a wise old sister who is not even 20 years old yet.

    Oh, she got both feet on the ground
    And she’s burning it down
    Oh, she got her head in the clouds
    And she’s not backing down

    Keep your wise young beautiful mind right where it is! Love YOU!!

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