The Best Brownie

Hi guys!

Sorry I left ya hanging after that last post where I promised to reveal the best baked good in Missoula and a recipe.

Are you still interested in what I bought?!

If you are at all interested in chocolate or espresso you probably should be…

Meet the best brownie ever, Berncie’s Espresso Brownie


Thick, fudgy, chewy, dense, moist.  Super chocolatey.  It really is the best brownie I’ve ever had 😀


Splitting this with Halle and Greta took me back to the first time I tried it….

Back in the crazy days of freshman year when Lauren and I got caught in some super heavey rain on our bikes.

You know how they say it sometimes rains cats and dogs?  Well this was one of those days!  Plus lightening.  Hmm…metal bikes…lightening…Yes,

stopping to take shelter in a cozy bakery sounded like a good idea.  Once we stopped we obviously weren’t just going to sit there and drink water.  We got one of these brownies and it was love at first bite.

Even though we were soaked to the bone, it still distracted us enough to enjoy our time in the bakery!

And believe me, we were soaked!

Ah.  Good times 🙂  Okay so no time for a recipe tonight because I am watching Ratatoullie with my Grandma tonight BUT soon I promise!  Enjoy your Monday everybody!


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