Mixing It Up

Morning Y’all 🙂

How is your Tuesday going so far?? Not much besides a really great breakfast and a little Pinteresting has happened in mine, but it is going exceptionally well!

If you haven’t noticed, I have been in a little breakfast rut for, well, the past year. Oats, oats, oats….every day. So today I tried something a little different….

A whole wheat tortilla microwaved with some mozzarella cheese and turkey:


Warm.  Cheesey.  Salty.  Dang. It was so good.  Maybe it just tasted so good because it was different?  I know this isn’t a super creative recipe I’m throwin’ at you…but seriously, it makes for a great morning meal!

Especially when paired with a green smoothie in a cupcake mug! Ah.  I love it.


Today, we are going on a field trip to a little science museum with the Kindy kids.  I’m pretty excited!  It will be nice to get out of the classroom for the day 🙂

Quote of the Day!

Pinned Image


Song of the Day!


*this is a mix of Feel Again (One Republic) and The Dog Days Are Over (Florence and the Machine) by Alycia Marie.  I can’t stop listening.  Really, send help, I can’t stop!

Have a happy Tuesday 🙂

p.s if it starts going poorly, try the cheese roll up and green smoothie…I guarantee it leads to happiness.



3 thoughts on “Mixing It Up

  1. Good Morning Miss. I could do the tortilla thing but I’m not sure about the green stuff! Green cupcake for sure but foamy green substance not so much. Nice blog.

    1. Morning mark! Thanks 🙂 Haha I don’t know you may enjoy the green smoothie….it’s almost like a Macdonalds milkshake…..almost 😉 you’ll have to have Halle make you one when she’s home!

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