My Blogging Story

Hello Word Press!  And howdy to you as well 🙂  Thanks for checking out the new place!

What do you think of the new space?  It’s pretty nice, huh?  I debated between many different pictures for the header…monster cookies, salads, other various slices of melon…but in the end I couldn’t part with the original love inscribed melon wedge.  And just so everybody knows; I am not the creative genius behind that picture.  No sir. I just typed in “watermelon love” on google and I was set.  I wish I could tell you who originally took the picture, but I haven’t a clue!

It’s funny that I made the switch to a new site now because I was just considering writing a post that explains the story behind me as a blogger.  This type of story seems like a perfect opener for a new website!

How did I get here?

What inspired me to start this madness of snapping pictures and writing little stories about my love affair with creamy, overnight oats with peanut butter and the mediocre push ups that make up my life?


It all started with this.


Yep.  That there breakfast quesadilla started the whole dang thing.

There I was one day, just pinning away on Pinterest, when I saw this little guy.

Mmmmm it looked so good.

So I pinned the picture to my “Power Food” board and continued on with my exciting life.

Sometime later, I clicked on this picture to see where it came from.  The link took me to a site called Eat, Live, Run; which turned out to be a blog written by Jenna Weber.  She’s the one who took this beautiful picture and developed the recipe for it!

Eat, Live, Run


Uhm, I love to live and eat.  And I love to run so I can eat more…ice cream.

Before long, I was hooked.

Like, it was kinda weird how hooked I was.

I checked Eat, Live, Run every day.  Sometimes many times a day.  Good grief…the hours I spent on that site.

While I loved reading/admiring Jenna’s awesome recipes, I mostly enjoyed the posts about her every day life.

Like the posts that showed me the delicious bowl of oatmeal with bananas and almond butter she ate before doing 45 minutes of yoga and then told me about her plans to go shopping for new running shoes in the afternoon.  This wasn’t super out of the ordinary reading material but I was super interested.

I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed reading about the random details of her life!  There’s something really fun and interesting in learning about other people’s eating, exercising and living habits.

Occasionally, I had thoughts about how it would be fun to do what she did.  But, me? Start a blog?  Goodness gracious, stop that crazy talk.

I’m too young.

I don’t know enough about technology.

I’m too blonde.

All that work would cut into my time for Pinterest…duh.

Then I met Lauren. (There she is, pictured below, with her husband Jason!)

She was basically the same age as me and she had a blog.

Girl, say what?

She explained to me that it wasn’t, after all, that complicated or crazy to start your own blog.  It was actually pretty easy.  So I followed her instructions and, after a lot of questions and brainstorming, I ended up with my own website.

Summer 2012: Kenzy’s Kitchen is born!


I wanted my blog to be a lot like Jenna’s blog!  Full of writing about food, friends, family, faith and fitness.  Weird how all the awesome words seem to be F words huh?

Anyways, I started to blog and I fell in love with it!

It was my site, so I could write in my voice.  As a student, I don’t get to do that very often.  I loved documenting  my days and sharing stories.

But there is one more moment that had a significant impact on the content of my blog.  After a few months happy writing, I stumbled upon another blog called Peanut Butter Fingers.


The author of this blog is named Julie, and I give her credit for inspiring me to include a more detailed account of my workouts in posts.  I noticed how she does this and how it inspired me to try new exercises at the gym.

Thanks to Julie, Kenzy’s Kitchen focuses almost equally on both food and fitness!  But I am far too much of an amateur to change my site name to Kenzy’s Gym.  I feel much more confident in my knowledge of smoothie making than pumpin’ iron!

So that’s how I got to where I am and that’s how I decided what I write about!

I share pictures of my food and recipes because food is the bomb diggity and I hope you can find new ideas for your own diet by looking at mine!

I share my workouts because, let’s be real, staying committed to fitness is not always easy.  But sharing stories of success (and failures!) with daily exercise can be a way to stay motivated.  Also, I hope to give anyone who is bored some ideas for new ways to work out.

Basically, I want this to be a blog that focuses on share not compare.  What’s best for me may not be what’s best for you, and that’s cool baby.  I love telling y’all about what excites me in this life and I hope that my posts are always encouraging, inspiring and uplifting.

That being said, Welcome to Kenzy’s Kitchen!  Let’s break out the chocolate 😉

Here are the blog addresses of the three wonderful women who inspired me.  Check ’em out!




One thought on “My Blogging Story

  1. Liking the new look!! And had to laugh at Halle’s expression as you were about to eat Gingy’s ear off…oh nooooooooooooo!

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