What up, Missoula?!
I am back in what I like to call the “home land”.  Missoula.  The city with a soul.  The home of the Good Food Store
and Delta Gamma
and my chest bumpin’, chocolate lovin’ soul mate Halle….the list goes on and on.
But, wait, could we back it up real quick though to 5 am this morning? 
At that early hour, I finally found the motivation to do an early morning workout. And I was not alone; the gym was packed!  I had plenty of time to exercise, eat breakfast and shower before 8 a.m. 
Yes it’s early but fitness is such an enjoyable part of my daily routine and I love how an early workout makes me feel accomplished and just plain happy before my day has even started.  I also know that fitting a morning workout in with most jobs after college will mean waking up a little earlier than the average Joe. Therefore; I’m really excited that I experienced what it’s like to workout that early because now I know it is possible.  I actually didn’t fall asleep on the elliptical or scare away fellow gym goers with my bed head. Score!
Now fast forward 5 hours filled with 3 pit stops at various McDonald’s bathrooms, a lot of Shakira bumpin loud in the car, and we are in MISSOULA!
My parents drove me up (no, I don’t have a car up here yet…but I do have a bike and it works pretty swell when it’s not stolen) and our first stop was the Good Food Store.
A.K.A Heaven
Check it.
Best lunch ever.
The rest of the day was spent unpacking, rearranging my closet, catching up with some sisters and now…I’m about to face plant my keyboard and fall asleep.
No idea why road trips take it out of me but man, they do.  Tomorrow I will go to an orientation and find out what the heck I am doing for this winter class. 
Questions for You!
When is your favorite time to exercise?  Do you notice that your body or your mood is different after?
Have you ever been to Missoula and what is your favorite part?!
Goodnight everyone 🙂

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