Last Day In Btown

Hi Everyone!
Goodness, this morning has been an absolute flash. 
I rolled out of bed this morning and went to a yoga class at 7 AM.  Like, literally, I rolled out of bed and went in the clothes I slept in.  Classy.
Since I was the only one under 50 there (besides one hardcore 7 year old girl haha) it was definitely a more gentle class than the ashtonga yoga I’m used to at college, but I still left feeling more awake and balanced.
And then I showered quick quick quick and made a breakfast for the road.  Today I blended Carrot juice, bananas, blueberries, ice and little honey.  But no picture…there was no time for such shenanigans!
After the visiting my pal the dentist (no cavaties, booyah!) it was time for a super special treat.  Lunch at my favorite place in Billings.
Harper and Madisons!
That was a picture of Lauren and I last Summer….oh how I wish it was Summer now!
I met my favorite group of ladies: Lauren, Anna and Corrie.  I only get to see Anna and Corrie when I’m in Billings so I was pumped to be hanging out with those two! 
As usual, it was pretty dang difficult to choose between H and M’s tasty variety of panini’s, deli sandwiches and wraps…but in the end, the Thai Chicken Sandwich won me over.
It was made with a thick multi-grain bread, red pepper aioli, Thai slaw and roasted chicken.  Stop.  Too good.
I finished and loved every last bite of it!  Then us girls hung around chit chatting (and maybe eating some bread pudding) until we decided we had hogged the biggest table in the tiny cafe long enough.
I’m so grateful that I had two days off to enjoy time and Thai sandwiches with my good pals before returning to Missoula for a winter class tomorrow.
Tonight we are meeting some friends at Mackenzie River for dinner before I leave 🙂  I’m considering taking a “Yoga Sculpt” class tomorrow at 5:15 a.m….but if I wake up in anything but yoga clothes it ain’t happening…
Have a good night y’all 🙂  And send your prayers, positive thoughts and extra deodorant to my good friend Mark who is interviewing for Med School tomorrow!!! 
He’ll be Dr. Mark before we know it 😉

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