Merry Christmas To All

The Highlights of Christmas
Church on Christmas Eve was amazing.  Seriously, it took my breath away and totally brought my focus back to the true meaning and joy of Christmas :)
Footie Pajamas….we be stylin’
Conner got some Griz gear!! Welcome to the maroon and silver family bro ;)….my dad (a Bobcat fan) cried a little here.
I became the expert at arranging cheese and cracker platters.  Tip: Don’t put the mango next to the summer sausage.
My dad made his famous ham rolls; no party is complete without these!!!
Gramma Carol made pumpkin bread pudding.  So good.  Which, naturally, I covered with vanilla ice cream and cool whip 🙂 Yum!
And, finally, some quality time with the fam.  We ate, we drank, mom drank a little too much and broke her wine glass….priceless.
Oh, Dad got new undies!
We nearly died laughing at home videos.  I kid you not, I was struggling for air when we got to the almost 2 hour segment of my grandma filming ducks in the backyard for hours…just her and the ducks…nobody else…all day long…
We were shocked when we learned that Great Grandma Chidley passed away at 3 AM this Christmas, but we came together as a family and managed to enjoy the holiday.  Grandma Chidley lived to be 98 years old and she lived by herself! She never forgot how to make the best peanut butter cookies.  And on the day of her passing, there was a headline in the paper that read “In Gods Hands Now” and we all knew in our hearts that that is where she is.
Between the gifts of baby Jesus and my family, I am truly blessed.  I hope everyone, everywhere found the same joy and comfort that I did today!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Here’s a picture we put on the Christmas card…but my mom cut out my fist pump on the card…can you believe that?!  Rude.

One thought on “Merry Christmas To All

  1. I simply must respond to the broken wine glass comment before someone gets the wrong idea…I had had only 2, count em TWO – DOS – DEUX glasses of wine and your silly paper game got me excited!! That and trying to keep Dad from cheating led the wine glass being knocked off the counter. Whew, glad I set that record straight!!

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