Under The Weather

So yesterday.


A green brown smoothie. 

Mid morning snack was a few tablespoons of DayQuil.


Intervals: Guzzle green tea.  Rest.  Waddle as fast as you can to the bathroom. Repeat….all day.
Ab Workout: Coughing.

And Lunch

Reheated my Mom’s chicken noodle soup ๐Ÿ™‚ with hot sauce haha

Hahaha can you tell I’m feeling a little bit under the weather??

It was the weirdest thing, at the end of my shift on Sunday I noticed that whenever I started laughing I also started coughing….bad.  And then on Monday morning I was officially sick.

Being sick is obviously never good and it gets pretty annoying pretty fast…but, just between you and me, it’s a little fun.

No, no it’s not fun coughing and having the chills and losing your appetite…that is all bad very bad.  But being sick gives you the excuse to sleep in, nap with your dog and watch Julie and Julia at 1 in the afternoon.   And that is okay with me for a day!  What a little loyal friend Lizze is ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I am feeling a little better…I tried to get a little exercise in because I wanted to get things moving.  So, I took my little Lizzie for a nice, leisurely 3 mile walk.  Which she totally deserved since all she did yesterday was lay next to me and listen to me cough.  It went fine until the last 5 minutes or so when I realized I really, seriously had to pee.

Anyone who hangs out with me on a daily basis knows that I go to the bathroom about 5 times more than the average Joe.  Therefore, it was not a good idea to drink large amounts of water and tea before heading out on an hour long walk.  When Lizzie and I finally reached the home stretch, we had to kick it into jogging mode because I was seriously doubting if I was going to make it home in time. 

Oh, and to make matters worse/better I was wearing my cat hat that Nicole gave me for Christmas last year through all the walking/running/extreme stress.

So at least I looked good, right?  We did make it home!  Just barely though.  And now I’m gearing up for an afternoon of painting, more coughing and Christmas present wrapping.  After a 4 to midnight shift at Pennies last night, I am treasuring my days off before I get back into the craziness of retail on Friday and Saturday.

P.S Watch this!!!!!!!! Seriously, drop what you’re doing and watch this.  My friend Rachel posted it to my Facebook this morning and I have watched it 3 times since.  It is about a pair of 85 year old BFF’s….so funny and so adorable ๐Ÿ™‚



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