My New Favorite Christmas Treat

Hey Y’all!!
Man do I have a recipe for you.  Yes, you!  Do you have popcorn, candy canes, mint extract, and white chocolate on hand?  Can you spare 15 minutes to create a little bit of heaven?  If you answered no to any of those questions, that should really change. 
But first, let’s talk about yoga, breakfast and holiday retail work at Pennies!
Today I broke out my mat at 6:30 AM to practice 45  minutes of Ashtonga vintasa yoga before I started my first day at work. 
Friends, it was not easy to get out of bed.  I bet some of you wonder why in the world I get up so early to exercise and at moments like this morning, I sometimes wonder too! 
Here’s the reasoning:  Anything that challenges my muscles or gets my heart pumpin’ puts me in such a better mood.  After a workout, I feel like I have more energy and I also feel less anxious….so why not wake up to a workout and carry that positive energy with me all day long?!  It just starts the day off on the right foot! 
And the best part about morning workouts is breakfast is always waiting 🙂
Today’s bowl of oats was particularly delicious!
Mmmmmm it was oats, vanilla greek yogurt, lots of pomegranite seeds, some Chex cereal for crunch and a splash of eggnog!! YAY 🙂
After a quick shower, I was off to Pennies to work from 9 to 5 and I had a great time!  Here’s what I love about working at JCPennies:
  • I get to look cute and pull out the cute dress’s and skirts from the depths of my closet because, well, I have to! 
  • I work in the women’s department, so I get to shop and work at the same time!!! 
  • The managers are so kind at Pennies.  They gave me Christmas Eve off both years I’ve worked there when they easily could have scheduled me.  I’m so gratefull for caring bosses!
I could talk about Pennies for a lot longer.  I spent a lot of time organzing workout clothes and prom dress’s today…so I was in heaven.  But, moving on to that Christmas treat!
Shout out to Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers, this recipe is all her!  I’m just a copy cat 🙂
One of my bestest friends, Lauren, stopped by to help me make it!  Here we are in the kitchen…she and I have always shared a love for food and cooking 🙂 We can have an hour long conversation about ice cream without a problem.
And here’s what you will need to be in popcorn heaven:
We made it with the old, reliable Hintt hot air popper.  But you could use microwave popcorn too!
Candy Canes! After you’ve popped your corn, crush your candy.  We put them in a big Ziploc and went to town with a spoon! 
White chocolate!
After you’ve crushed your canes, melt your white chocolate and mix in the crunchy peppermint bits.

Mint extract! This is the final, secret ingrediant.  I didn’t think we would need it but it made the white chocolate sauce so yummy 🙂  One your ‘sauce’ is made, drizzle it over the warm popcorn and stir!

It is so good.  Crunchy, minty, sweet, creamy…The perfect Christmas snack!!
Click here baby! for the official recipe with measurements.  But if you’re like me, just live on the wild side guys, I think you can make up your own measurements for this one.  Can you really ever have too much white chocolate or popcorn?!
Well, I”m off to watch people be epic on the survivor finale with my mom and I snuggle up on the couch with my popcorn haha 🙂 Happy Sunday y’all!
And shout out to President Obama, his speech tonight on the Connecticut shooting was phenomenal.
P.S Yes, I did originally spell phenomenal as “finanimal” and had to go back and change it after my #1 fan Rachel alerted me over text….Thank God she spell checks this bad boy!

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