Following Through

Highlights of the day:

1. Peppermint dipped pretzels.  Get yourself some immediately!!


2. Mango Indica Tea in the cutest mint green teapot at Zootown Brew (this is the place I got baptized!  It’s a coffe shop on weekdays, church on sundays…so sneaky!)

3. A 30 minute nap after a long day of studying.  Sorry…no picture of me with bed head 🙂 Naps are Gods gift to the world.  I’ve never been a huge napper but holy guacamole….I woke up feeling so refreshed!!!
Another thing I am excited about is this PBF Workout Challenge.  I’m challenging myself to work through all the workouts on one of my favorite blogs because let’s be real…a girl can only do the same elliptical workout for so many years.  So today I woke up early to do her “40 minute Lazy Girl Treadmill Workout.”  Mmmhmm that sounded like a good choice to me.
This workout alternated fast, incline walking and running:


I really enjoyed it! 

The funny thing about running is you can get out of shape/a certain mind set so fast…or at least I can…when I was training for a half marathon, 3 miles was a piece of cake.  Today I was like ooh…5 minute intervals of running….I don’t know about that.

Confession: I walked on the jogging recovery periods after a minute of running at speed 8.  Good grief, it said Lazy Girl Workout so duh I set the bar low! 

After the cardio workout, Halle showed me how to lift!  She taught me a little circuit of Squats, Good Morning Lifts, and Calf Raises.

Soon after showering it was time for lunch 🙂

Can’t beat a salad with hummus, hot sauce, feta and pita chips!
And peppermint dipped pretzels for dessert 🙂
Only two more finals to go!  There is an ultra marathon runner (100 miles…..unreal) speaking tonight in Missoula but I think I’ll have to miss it to study 😦  I might have time to go if I wasn’t going to the Good Food Store (best place in the world missoula world!) for a last lunch tomorrow with Halle and Lauren before we split up for Christmas break….but I definitely am so sorry Mr. 100 Miles Man!
Hope everyone is having a poppin’ week!


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