Peanut Butter Fingers Workout Challenge

Hey y’all!!!
How is everyone?  I’m doing alright!  My brain feels a little bit fried from all this studying on finals week and my butt feels a little bit sore from Julie’s circuit workout with squat jumps.
It has been so long since I have woke up with sore legs from a workout I did on my own!  It’s pretty easy to work out enough to get sore arms because, until this year, I’ve never focused on building arm strength….my brother once compared the feel of my flexed bicep to a Ziploc filled with pudding…the nerve.
There’s the hooligan himself in all his wrestling glory.  My mom loves making us dress in random, not weather appropriate outfits when we take our Christmas card pictures.  This year was considerably more comfortable preferred to the previous year…see below….
Haha I was SO cold!!  And I couldn’t tell you what Conner was doing here…clearly losing his mind as fast as we lost the circulation in our feet.
Good gracious.  Okay how did I get on the topic of my families awkward Christmas photos….family…Conner….pudding biceps…sore legs…circuit workout!
Yes! My original purpose in all this was to tell you, that circuit workout I posted about in my last post is sure to give you results…if that’s what you’re into, click here!
I’m considering starting an official challenge of working through all the workouts on Julies blog. 
Do you think I could do it?!
She has treadmill workouts, circuit workouts, elliptical incline workouts and strength training too!  Probably about 30 workouts total.
I think it’s do-able….then again, after standing barefoot in your bikini in the frigid Montana winter air and snow while your mom trys to figure out how to work the camera…anything seems possible.
Tomorrow I’ll start with the treadmill workouts and keep you updated on what is good!
I’ll keep pursuing the site and maybe I’ll find a recipe challenge to embark on too 🙂 
If not, I think I’ll be okay…our house mom insists on putting out a study “buffet”
Trail Mix, Pretzels, Veggies, White chocolate pretzels, cookies, pita chips
Girls say what?
Who knew finals meant losing your sanity and gaining 5 pounds?  Haha cheers!
Night everyone, can’t wait to start knocking out those workouts and telling you which ones are best 🙂

2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Fingers Workout Challenge

  1. Hahahaha, oh my, such fond Christmas card picture memories there!! Just wait till you see what this year will bring…I had Conner ask Zach Nell to take one of you guys, us, the whole fam-damily! I think it will take us to new heights..thats my final clue 🙂 Keep eating the brain food to get through finals week!!

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