Rest Day

Hey Guys!!!
Wow, I really missed blogging when I was on my little “break”.  There were many moments when I wanted to take a picture of something or had an experience I wanted to share…but I’m sure my friends didn’t mind a break from me starting the first 5 minutes of every meal with, wait, stop can I get a quick picture of this?
It’s come to my attention that not many people take pictures of their food.  Sometimes I do feel a little awkward snapping pics of my veggie sandwich when I’m eating with a big group of people, and since I live in a sorority, I am rarely eating alone.  Maybe this happens to you too sometimes?  Don’t worry, there is a solution!
If you want to take a picture of the clearly awesome lunch you are enjoying but don’t want to deal with staring and questioning, just pretend like you are texting and snap a quick pic!  Works almost every time.  CAUTION: Make sure the volume is turned down and the flash is off.  The clicky camera sound and the bright flash will foil all intentions of sneakiness…and I speak from experience.
So today is a pretty special day because I am taking a day off from working out and I am pretty pumped about it!  I read a really great blog post from one of my favs, Nutrition Nut on the Run, that was all about over training (
It got me thinking about how I used to be sure to give my body at least one day off of working out and I haven’t been doing so hot on that this semester.  If my intention behind daily exercise is to get stronger and show my body some love, I have to remember to let myself rest too. 
I started off my rest day off right with a big smoothie!
Usually my smoothies come out bright green or purple…today’s was more of a subtle mud tone…mmmmm appetizing
I also had a tall glass of iced green tea and some Fage Greek Yogurt.  If you are looking for the good stuff…try Fage.  It is my favorite Greek yogurt, and yes I have tried Chobani 🙂  Me thinks Fage>Chobani
Lunch.  Dear lord.
I mixed mashed sweet potatoes with peach salsa and topped it with chopped chicken, sugar snap peas, red peppers, jalepenos and more salsa.
Does that sound good?  At all?
Don’t be deceived…it’s not.  I didn’t even heat up the potato’s first.
Truth: I (willingly) ate cold potato’s and salsa for lunch.  This is the kinda stuff that goes down on dead week and finals week.  I bet it would have been really yummy with some warm brown rice!!  But all we had was mashed taters so…there ya go.
On the bright side, today was the last day of Fall 2012 classes at the U of M!  I am so very ready for a new schedule!  After class, I came home and worked on homework until it was time to go to the Emmaus Christmas party!
I had so much fun at this party!  I don’t have any pictures because I ditched my phone for the night, but here’s what went down:
A very snowy drive
Bean and Cheese Enchiladas
Salad, Rice, Black Beans
A Broadway quality performance to Eye Of The Tiger by our pastor’s sons…hahaha priceless.  They hammed it up big time.
Brownies 🙂 cooked to perfection (aka underdone and gooey in the middle..yesssss)
I haven’t played legit Charades in forever.  This group had it down though.  I laughed my little rear end off at Sean acting out Kei$ha and Wiley struggle through “Teletubbie.”
Our drive home was a little slower than the drive up…..
Because we got dumped on!! And no one saw it coming!  Well, perhaps those who watch the news and read the paper daily had a slight idea…but c’mon who does that? 😉
Seriously…this might have been the prettiest snowfall I have ever seen.
SO PRETTY!!!  And guess who’s signed up for shoveling the side walk bright and early tomorrow??
This girl!  Thank heavens I didn’t lift any weights today…I can barely crank out 10 decent push ups on a good day…and I’ll be needing some brute arm strength tomorrow.
Ahhhhh I hope you all get some snow wherever you are!  Goodnight everybody 🙂 🙂 gotta rest up for the big day of shoveling, baking and studying tommorrow!

One thought on “Rest Day

  1. Oooooo, very pretty snow pics! I like the black and white one especially, looks old time Christmasy! I can keep the fridge stocked with Fage while your home for break, not too sure about that sweet potato concoction though…CHOPPED!!

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