Here We Go!

Hi everybody!!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up on where I am in life right now:


They call it “dead week” around here….well, gee, that sounds like a great time…

Because of the massive amounts of homework, preparations, breaking out, studying, stressing, green smoothie and or ice cream consuming and tests that will surely be happening these next two weeks…I probably won’t be able to blog much 😦

Oh, I could blog.  In fact, I would love to blog instead of all the above listed!  But, to prevent procrastinating and further stress from abandoning the blog,  I am going to take a break for the next two school weeks.

I may fit in a weekend post!

And if there are no weekend posts, then get ready for a lot of Christmas break posts!!  It’s gonna be awesome 🙂

Again, I just want to thank all of you for the support and positive feed back you give me about this little blog of mine.  It is so much fun to hear that people are enjoying reading, getting new ideas for workouts, and trying out recipes! 

I love writing this stuff, so thank you for joining in on the fun with me 🙂 I am 108% positive I wouldn’t enjoy writing as much if the only person viewing my posts was me reading them in bed on my iphone when I can’t sleep lol….I’ll admit it…it’s happened.  And sometimes I am appalled at my lack of spelling skills…I once caught myself using the phrase “skinny genes”…whooops!

Anyways, bye bye for this week everybody!

Can’t wait to be writing about oats, workouts and desserts after all these tests 🙂

For all us college kids, let’s get these finals done and let’s not let them get us down too much!

FACT: If we stay organized, spread out work so we have enough time, rest and keep dark chocolate handy…we will all survive.

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