PB & J Oats…and sweat…

You guys!!!
So first I’ll address the sweat.  I just finished an interview for the public relations chair of the Greek community at UM and I am sweating in places that only get sweaty in cases of interviews, first dates and running a half marathon. 
Tip number 1 for interviews: Don’t skimp on the deodorant.  For reals.
I applied for this position kind of on a whim.  I wasn’t super passionate about it… I just wanted to be more involved in Greek Life and public relation chair sounded a lot more fun than finance chair. 
But now that I have been through the interview process, I am hoping real bad that I get the position!  The group of women who make up the panhellenic board seem so confident, smart and put together.  They probably remember to wear deodorant, like, every single day!  That is the kind of environment I want to work in!
PLUS, get this, I love to blog.  Public relations chair is kind of like blogging because it teaches you how to advertise and how to communicate well with the public through emails and newspaper articles!  I am so thankful right now for my spazzy, bubbly personality because when they asked me what would make me better than another candidate I blurted out:  “I have a blog!” So I already do know a bit about how to communicate with the public.
I wonder if it is good to be your true self in an interview….I guess we’ll find out!
Now for the PB & J oats 🙂
Would that make you wanna get out of bed on a weekday?  I know it does the trick for me!
I mixed 1/2 cup of oats, 1/3 cup of plain yogurt and milk with raspberries and strawberries!  Then a big dollop of creamy peanut butter 🙂
So maybe you don’t have fresh berries on hand?  That’s okay! You can mix in a spoonful of your favorite jam.  Or maybe you would rather sprinkle your oats with chopped peanuts instead of nut butter…go for it!
This is one of my favorite oatmeal combinations so I had to share 🙂  Sorry the post is so short tonight!  Finals week is approaching soon, so posts will be short or non existent for the next couple of weeks…but I’ll do my best to keep at it!
P.S I got the position!!! 🙂
So maybe a sweaty candidate is appealing these days??  Maybe do skimp on deoderant…A more natural woman is what they want?
No, stop, don’t listen to me.  Wear your perfume.  And just be yourself…everything else will fall into place 🙂

One thought on “PB & J Oats…and sweat…

  1. Hip, Hip, Hoooraw! Congrats to you!! That position was just begging for someone like you to take it over. And just in case you need it, I'll send a personal care package along with your yellow scarf – at least one of them will get used I'm sure.

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