Fine, Fresh, Fierce

West coast represent, now put your hands up!!!
Oh hey!  Guess what? I am home!!
You know what that means?  I can sleep in, run my favorite routes in Billings, see my family, see Anna, Rachel, Nicole and Corrie!, bake and most importantly: I can blast my favorite jams while I blog and shower….obviously listening to California Girls at the current second…maybe for the third time…
I’m a sucker for an energetic pop song.  Seriously, turn on Call Me Maybe any time, anywhere and I am instantly thrilled.
I really don’t even know where to start with this post!! My phone is bustin’ at the seams with pictures of food and I feel like I have a lot to tell you…I suppose we could start with a recap of the week!
Buffalo Chicken Wrap for lunch!!
Take alllll of this (lettuce, cucumber, chicken with some hot sauce (Franks RedHot of course…don’t even bother if your using that weak Cholula stuff) and a bleu cheese
And wrap it up in a whole wheat tortilla!  I added a tomato too 🙂  You just can’t beat the buffalo chicken combo!
The other big event of Monday was the dreaded science test.  Apparently in college, science tests come with a plethora of stress, stress induced zits, bad attitudes and sometimes crying…it’s a brutal few days…
Therefore, Halle and I have established the tradition of treating ourselves to a sweet treat after every test!  Trust me, you need something to look forward to after those heart breakers.  And I can’t think of anything more perfect than treats and quality time with a best friend 🙂  This time we chose frozen yogurt..mmmm
I filled my cup with some eggnog yogurt, cheesecake yogurt, and maybe a tiny dollop of vanilla on top?  I was so indecisive!  Oh and then some strawberries, brownie bits, hot fudge, and oh lord I’ll stop….let’s just say I went crazayyy.
So suck on that astronomy!
Goodness, see my angry feelings are coming back just talking about it…let’s move on to Tuesday.
a.k.a The best day ever.  My only class was YOGA! After yoga, I did a short incline workout on the treadmill.  While it was short, it definitely got my heart pumping!  I got my inspiration from a blog I’ve been loving called PB fingers….here’s the link to the workout and the website:
Check it.
It might be true that I ate…4 apples on Tuesday…
1 in my oatmeal
1 for a snack…look at this nifty idea!
Cut out the center of your apple and fill it with Peanut Butter.  How neat is that? 😉
And then two more apples in an “Apple Pie Green Monster’
Apparently, there is a reason people don’t put apples in smoothies…they make for a strange, strange texture…I had high hopes of making an awesome smoothie that tasted just like Grandma’s apple pie…except in smoothie form with lettuce added in for nutrition….
Yeah…dream on…that’s not happening.
While this smoothie was definitely not pie, it was still yummy after I added some banana and grapes to tone down the apples!
After my smoothie, I hit the road with sweet Beth and Haley…and now here I am sitting on my rainbow bed spread in my pepto bismol pink room in Billings!
Life is good 🙂
I am so excited to have a break from the hectic schedule of school.  Over the break I plan to:
  • Do the Run, Turkey, Run 5k race!
  • Eat some serious turkey and cranberry sauce
  • Go to the Nutcracker!
  • Relax with my family and friends
  • Go to a zumba class at my gym!
  • And bake 🙂
I have had a recipe for sweet potato brownies and home made pumpkin doughnuts on my radar for quite some time now…so hopefully those are the topic of my next post 🙂
Well, I should probably head out on my run now…I’ve only been procrastinating for the past 2 hours…so bye bye for now everybody 🙂  I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday!


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