A Fresh Start

Today was awesome.
I got baptized at a little coffee shop church in Missoula.  It felt amazing to finally declare my faith to a crowd and get drenched in the water!  Pastor Scott told me before getting baptized that I would be more bold in my faith after baptism…I am excited to see what happens!
  You know what else was amazing??  After all us kids who planned to get baptized were soaked and happy, the pastor asked if anyone in the crowd wanted to be baptized too.
About 15 people in the crowd decided to share their testimony and get dunked!  The men were wearing nice sweaters and jeans…the girls were wearing super cute dress’s and mascara that was probs not water proof….none of them brought a towel to dry off with!  But they did it anyways.  I think that is a prime example of how when it comes down to the wire, nothing is bigger, more important or more moving than our God and our faith.  A wet car ride home wasn’t going to stop these believers from getting closer to God…it was so cool to see!!
Another great part of getting baptized was sharing the experience with my Missoula family.  During the week, I casually mentioned how I would be getting baptized to my friends Kathleen and Claire…all I could get out was baptism at Zootown before they cut me off with: “What time?  We’ll be there.”  When I was speaking in church today, I saw the beautiful face of my sorority sister, Tessa, smiling back at me from the big crowd.  And, duh, my other half Halle was there to give me a big, sports guy chest bump afterwards.  It meant so much to me that these girls were so eager and excited to support me!!  Thanks guys πŸ™‚
After a morning that was awesome in every way, reality hit me hard and I was forced to study the orbit of the moon, circuits and other sciency things for about 4 hours…good grief it pains me to write about it…
So let’s move on to dinner!
Breakfast for dinner!  Smoothies and waffles, yes?!
I made a delicious (green, like extremely green) smoothie
It consisted of: 1.5 ripe bananas, soy milk, ice, enough spinach to make Pop Eye be mine forever, a kiwi and……
Grapes!!!! Grapes are a great way to sweeten a green smoothie.  They don’t have much flavor, they’re just awesomely sweet πŸ™‚
Mmmm…whatta beaut!!
And Halle made…..wait for it….
Pumpkin Waffles!!!!!!!!  They are indeed a dream come true.
I topped mine with plain yogurt, pecans, craisons and a little bit of honey….so yummy!  This is the cure for any amount of science induced anxiety.
But it couldn’t stop the painful zit from popping up on my chin…stress induced zits are real problems guys!!  They always think it’s a great idea to join me for formal dances, science tests and any other stressful times in life.  Like my wedding probably…oh perfect.
Maybe they’ll go away if I eat more waffles…yes, I’ll test that out πŸ˜‰
I hope everyone is having a good Sunday…for us college kids….we’re almost to break!!!
And for everyone else…we’re almost to turkey and cranberry sauce…YAY!
And if anyone in Missoula, or anywhere, feels a tug in their heart to get baptized…march yourself straight to Zootown Brew…they know how to do it right!
Love you guys!

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