Beans and Cake

Hi everybody!  Wow, what a week.  It was filled with history tests, sorority initiation and thanksgiving anticipation.

The best part was surely Delta Gamma initiation.  It. Was. Awesome.

I sure wish I could tell you more but the rituals and ceremonies of initiation are secret to anyone not in DG…it is SO hard for me not to blab about everything I do but the secrets of the night make it more special.

I can tell you that we eat a lot of ice cream, oh… yes we do.  If you think sorority girls are “those girls” that pass on dessert every time…think again.

After a wonderful night of love and ice cream and secretive stuff, I went to bed feeling all excited for my morning plans to do yoga on my own and eat oatmeal.  You think I’m lying when I tell you that I go to bed just counting down the hours until the next morning bowl of oats…no friends, it happens.  Well, my excitement always simmers down a good amount by the time I wake up before already early alarm but somehow I always manage to drag myself out of bed!!

In yoga class on Thursday, my teacher (who is probably one of the most awesome people I know because she does headstands and back bends and crazy balancing postures with the attitude of: Oh?  You mean to tell me everyone can’t jump their legs over their elbows and balance for an hour?  That’s fine…for one day you will) she told us about how people practicing yoga in India often begin their practice at 4 am…sometimes they do hit the snooze button and start at 6 am though.

So today, I did as the yogis in India do…got up before the sun and practiced my yoga.  After 45 minutes on the mat I felt refreshed, energized and limber…and ready for some breakfast!

Today I had oats with Cinnamon applesauce!, milk, a banana and PB.  YUM!
Later, I snacked on a mini green apple after class and then I biked to Zoo town Brew church in Missoula to meet up with Pastor Scott.  I’m getting baptized on Sunday!  Yes, I was baptized when I was a baby but that was my parents decision.  This is my choice and my way to share with people around me that I am choosing to follow Jesus!  15 other people are getting baptized with me…it is gonna be a blast!!
I biked home real quick from that meeting because I was hungry!!!
Sometimes you just need a PB and J…wrap…with strawberries, raspberries, banana…and yogurt?
Well maybe y’all haven’t experienced that craving yet…but you should consider it!  I really didn’t notice the yogurt much…it just kept the wrap from being dry and added some calcium and protein..woop woop!
Only downside of this wrap: People will assume you put mayo on your PB and J.  And they will proceed to judge you.
Personally, I think it’s worth it 😉
Along with my wrap I ate some veggies and hummus 🙂 and a cheese stick!  It was a simple and awesome lunch.
Now I’m just killing time before I teach a math lesson for a middle school math counts club…
And pondering what in the world Halle and I could cook for dinner…
She has a lot of left over black beans.  I have a lot of leftover ice cream cake from DG initiation last night.  So….who wants to join us for beans and cake?!?
Probably no one. Shoot. 

One thought on “Beans and Cake

  1. Congratulations on your baptism! I did the same thing in college for the same reason and it was an awesome experience. I wish I was as excited about oats but no, it took a scone to get me going this morning.

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