hellooooo Kalispell!

Today my alarm clock was a furry friend nudging my face with his wet nose.
I rolled over to pet my little black dog Lizzie, who always jumps on my bed to greet/snuggle with me in the mornings, but when I opened my eyes I realized it wasn’t my dog after all!
It was Halle’s west highland terrior, Champ.  Oh right, I wasn’t at home in Billings…I was in Kalispell!! Don’t you love it when you wake up and you have no idea where you are?  Happens to me all the time! 
There was no alarm set for today and we ended up sleeping in until 9…which felt soo good.  The only thing that got me out of bed was Halle asking me if I wanted to go on a run with her and her mom…
Let me tell you…I did not want to!  But I knew I’d be glad I did so off we went into the 19 degree morning air…it was freezing!  It was a real challenge because of the cold and also a few hills…plus the Wilson ladies are quite the pair of studs…her mom finished before Halle and I in the half marathon this summer!
But, just as I suspected, the second we finished the 4 mile trek the endorphins hit me hard and I felt so energized and happy! Sometimes it’s not easy to start the day with exercise but it is always worth it in the end.  Especially when the end means treats from Great Harvest bakery!
Great Harvest is one of my favorite local bakeries and it turns out that their pumpkin muffins are the best!!  They were sprinkled with cinamon sugar and soo moist…
Fact: I’ll do anything for a muffin.
Especially with a side of pumpkin tea 🙂
This tea is the perfect fall beverage for all you pumpkin loving fools out there…if you’re like me, when fall comes around I just can’t get enough of this cozy, comforting flavor. 
After breakfast and a very hot shower, me, Halle, Halle’s mom and Halle’s grandma (who we lovingly refer to as “G$” occasionally…don’t ask me why…I don’t even know!) all took a drive up to Big Fork, MT!
Cutest little town ever.  I’m a window shopping champ and such a sucker for little MT towns with basically one street that is full of bed and breakfasts, quirky specialty shops, and really good local restaurants…
Like the Pocketstone Cafe!
It reminded me of a smaller, cozier, better Perkins.  Mostly because it was one of those restaurants that serves breakfast around the clock and had a big display case of pies and cupcakes at the entrance.  As tempting as it was to get the banana split pancakes…us 4 ladies all ended up ordering the veggie sandwich!
I’ve never had a toasted veggie sandwich but this rocked!  What made it so good was the home made bread and the home made hummus.  Thank you Kalispell.
I saw a few things I wouldn’t have minded buying while we window shopped!
I found some really cool nut crackers that I would have bought for my younger brother Conner…he has a random fetish for nut crackers…and butter knives… oh bouncy balls too…
Ooh and this sparkly, anchor ornament for our Christmas tree at Delta Gamma!  An anchor is the symbol of Delta Gamma and the shape of our sorority pin.  The founders chose an anchor because it is a symbol of hope.
Oh and this tea pot…because tea is great and who doesn’t want this cute little thing?!
Now were all just relaxing…watching football…playing with the dogs and helping Renell chop veggies for chicken soup tonight!  Halle and I are trying to decide what to make for dessert…hmm…something with chocolate…dark chocolate, yes…and lots of it 😉 

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