Yoga for the Soul

Remember how I wrote about writing up a lesson plan involving recorders and math?

I was supposed to present that today.  I planned to wake up early, put on a cute outfit and rock that presentation.

Until I set my alarm for 6:45 PM.  Woke up at 7:50 AM.  Class starts at 8:10 AM…Gee dangit…

I may have given that presentation in my running ear warmer to hide my bed head and it’s possible I forgot to wear a bra…but hey, I got it done!

It always amazes me how fast one can get ready when circumstances are desperate!  The rest of the day went well…until I spilled chicken tortilla soup all over the dining room.  Table, chair and floor were covered.  Thank goodness my sweet friend Paige stayed calm and helped me clean it up…for some reason I got super embarrassed!

This day may have had a hectic start, but it had a pretty awesome ending.

Church and ice cream.

In church, we learned about the Saint’s and lit candles to remember people who have passed away.  As always, we sang some uplifting songs, prayed and did communion.  I love the simplicity and intimacy of these small, Wednesday night college groups!  Church is like yoga for the soul because I leave these services feeling the same I way I feel when I leave yoga class; energized and refreshed!

You know, I think ice cream is yoga for the soul too…My good friend Grier (who is the one and only follower of this blog, whoop whoop love ya Griezi!!) mentioned at lunch today the specials at the Big Dipper…well, the rest was history.

Here are the specials!  If you didn’t know it is Fall now and that Christmas is comin in hot…you do now!

Grier asked for a sample of all four…the counter lady just looked at her and said…”Really?”

Good grief…yes, really! I tried apple cider and witche’s twist…even though I knew good and well I wasn’t ordering either hehe…

You can’t go wrong with egg nog ice cream folks.  It was so good!!  And it makes me very excited for the holidays to come đŸ™‚
If you’re in Missoula you should probably get some of this seasonal ice cream before us girls eat it all.

Oh! Attention: if you did not know, my favorite blogger, Jenna Weber got engaged!!  Her engagement story is just plain adorable so if you need a little romance in your life click right here!

Can’t wait to get back to Yoga tomorrow!  Happy Wednesday everyone and remember, it’s always a good idea to double check your alarms đŸ˜‰


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