How Tuesday Should Be

Perhaps we should have elections more often.  Maybe once every year?  Once every week? 
That way we could have more Tuesday’s with no school.  Oh, yes that is what’s nice.
I got to sleep in until 8 am today!  And then I got up and something crazy happened.  I decided to branch out and try something new for breakfast…no oats!
Nope, instead I had a big smoothie that was full of: 1 banana, a handful of blackberries, a handful of raspberries, a few grapes, a huge handful of spinach, milk and ice!
It was nice to change it up!  I also drank some green tea and snacked on this with my smoothie:
Mmmm! I love Kashi granola bars.  You can tell exactly what is in them just by looking at the bar itself!  I love smoothies, but its always hard for me to not have something to eat too, ya know?
While my breakfast digested, I worked on writing a lesson plan that involved playing recorders to help kids practice math.
Oh, recorders.  Perhaps the most annoying instrument known to man.  We play them every morning at 8 o’clock sharp in music class for elementary teachers…I might aspire to be a decent recordist if I wasn’t always choking on my own spit laughing at the sight of Halle gnawing on her recorder like a dog chewing on a bone.  We goof off way too much in that class but I love it!
After being cooped up inside doing homework, I busted out of jail to go on a 3.5ish mile run!  It was gorgeous in Missoula today…sunny and like 50 degrees?  I huffed and puffed my way up a hill and was able to catch my breath while looking at this pretty view.
And oh man, was the huffing and puffing worth it.
Not only was today no school Tuesday and a sudden heat wave in Missoula, it was also build your own pizza day at Delta Gamma Sorority.
Our cook knows what’s up.
First, you choose your crust.  But don’t be fooled, the decisions get more complex.
  Kimmy (our cook here at the sorority) has worked in multiple pizza parlors and even owned her own at one point!!  She knows what makes a good pizza.  And while I love her for putting out pesto, marinara, artichoke hearts, pineapple, fresh garlic and red pepper flakes….I also get a little stressed because life becomes altogether just too good!
Eventually though, I settled down and made this.  Too good to be true.  I think Lauren, Halle and I thanked Kimmy about a total of 32 times between the three of us.  We are so lucky to have Kimmy!
After lunch, we took advantage of the nice day and biked to a coffee shop to do some homework!  And we were pretty productive if I do say so myself…only a few tangents…one which involved Lauren and I bickering about whether or not “pizza rolls” (like the kind that are filled with sqaure pepperoni and cooked in the microwave) were good.  Clearly one can do better, am I right?!
After studying, I was off to my job!
It’s true, I am employed now!  My good friend Kathy has “hired” me to tutor my best friend in math. 
Let’s get something straight, in school, I hated math.
Worst class of the day.
I would so rather be in art class than math.  I’d take English over math.  I’d take playing dodge ball in gym class over math.  And most the time in dodge ball I sat on the side and pretended I had already gotten out to avoid humiliation.
But for some reason….I enjoy teaching math.
 If I were a math teacher, I would have to create ways to make math less painful.  Heck, I could use making cookie dough as a way to teach math.  Doubling a recipe means multiplying fractions and that is math, right?! Right.
Here’s how I picture it.  This tutoring job is my chance to say, “Okay Math, prove to me that I like you.”
I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
But seriously, this is strange stuff.
At this rate I’ll be loving pizza rolls too before we know it.
I hope that everyone had a good Tuesday and that no one is too devastated by the election results.  I’ve always loved the prayer: “Give me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. We can’t change the results of the election, but no one has lost their individual power to change the world around them.  Keep your thoughts, actions and words positive everybody 🙂  It’s the only way to move forward!
Back to school tomorrow and yoga on Thursday! YAY!


3 thoughts on “How Tuesday Should Be

  1. I'm feeling very in sync with your post today. I also had a smoothie for breakfast. Turns out, if you put banana, coconut milk and vanilla protein together, it tastes like banana bread. That was excellent.Also, Totino's Pizza Rolls are the best. Almost as good as real pizza, and twice as convenient. Do not try Michelina's. They are not as good.Update: I can tell you now, because I have found it, that I lost your painting. I was distraught! I knew I'd put it somewhere upside down so that it wouldn't gather dust before I could take it to be framed. Turns out, I couldn't find where I'd put it! For, like, a year! I found it yesterday and I will have it framed and hung up by the end of the month. Whew. You just can't trust me.And finally, I find that the serenity prayer can cure a multitude of ills.

  2. Mmmmm that sounds like an awesome smoothie indeed! Hahaha my friend lauren will be glad to hear that she is not alone….I haven't even tried them yet so I have no room to talk! So glad you found the painting!! You'll have to send me a picture of it framed 🙂 And agreed. It's a prayer for all situations!

  3. Hey, nice headband there missy, looking good! Nice postNice picsNice prayerShould I fish out your recorder from under your bed and send it? Halle may need a replacement before the class is done…and a job?? Niiiiiice! Do you get paid in apples or oats? Oh, one more nice thing coming up, you have Monday off next week too!

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