Spinach Smoothie Sunday

Hi everyone!!! Yay Sunday…my favorite day of the week 🙂
Today started off good with a bowl of oats for breakfast (why do I even bother to include this detail when we all know it is coming?) and some studying in my “spot”.
Then I was supposed to pick up trash with Delta Gamma and other Greek fraternities and sororities around campus…we were supposed to “do good”…we were gonna leave the neighborhood spotless!…reporters were going to be there too…my face could have been on the front page…
But nope.  No one showed.  Not a single reporter! It took a good 20 minutes of standing in the rain to accept the fact that we were not going to be in the paper this week.  I spose we still could have picked up the neighborhood though…but it was raining…it’s the thought that counts?
After that little fiasco, I met up with Tessa for lunch at Food For Thought…YAY!
Man, I sure love this restaurant.  It’s got the whole menu wrote out in colorful writing on mini chalkboards and it is always, always a poppin’ party at Food For Thought.  It’s just the place to be.  Tessa and I had to sit at the tiniest table crammed against the wall, and I was so close to the guy at the other table I could have easily stole a chip or two.  Anyways, I got the A+ sandwich!
It was yogurt pesto, turkey, provolone cheese, sprouts, tomato and artichoke hearts on sliced wheat bread.  Mmmm it was so yummy and I am pretty positive that that was freshly baked bread…those sly dogs.
Tessa and I chatted about everything from living in the sorority house, to yoga, to how we really appreciate a good bar of dark chocolate.  It was the perfect study break!
Then I planted my bum on the couch for another few hours of facebook homework.  And then another study break YaY!  This time I headed to the gym with Lauren!
And afterwards I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner:
A tall, cool glass of a delicious spinach smoothie.  Oh, that is what you had too?!  What a coincidence 😉
Really it wasn’t that bad!  You can only eat so many salads before you feel like throwing it all in a blender and sipping it through a straw right?  And yes I do live in a sorority, not a retirement home.
So here’s what you do…stick with me…
Blend up the following:
a small handful of grapes for extra sweetness
vanilla soy milk
See, no one has died yet, it’s all okay!  Now go ahead and add a huge handful of spinach!!  The more the merrier! Blend until smooth 🙂 and add the finishing touches of:
more vanilla soy milk
Then get your straw out and ready to drink up your fruit and veggies!  I promise, you can’t even taste all that spinach 🙂  It just tastes like a berry banana smoothie!…with small greens chunks…but it’s really okay!
I also had a bowl of greek yogurt with oats, Kashi Go Lean crunch and some PB…I mean girl needs a little more than a spinach smoothie…
And then after I hopped in the shower real quick, Lauren and I headed to Barnes and Noble to finish up our homework/talk about how much we love Cafe Rio/look at wedding magazines and some weird 17 day diet book/listen very, very hard to figure out if the people next to us were speaking Spanish or French…fast English?
Let me tell you folks, Lauren Williams kills me.  She has almost killed me with laughter many many a times and I really should stop hanging out with her.  Like the time she tried to open her car door at Johnny Carino’s and somehow she slipped and ended up flat on her back in a pile of snow….she didn’t even get up…just lay there laughing for a decent 10 minutes.  From her stories about how her boyfriend Ben would prefer pie to cake if they get married and her frequently occurring blond moments….I am just a laughing fool with her.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
I’m thankful to have Lauren, spinach, Tessa and Barnes and Noble in my day today…it almost made up for not being interviewed by the paper this morning….okay, fine yes, I was actually overjoyed to get out of picking up trash, you caught me 😉

One thought on “Spinach Smoothie Sunday

  1. Hey, the next post was supposed to spill the beans about something suspenseful…I see a little of Conner coming through here in keeping us waiting and wondering!! Guess that equates though…except I dont think he'll be downing spinach smoothies anytime soon 😉 Great post once again!

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