A Very Special Day

Today was indeed a very special day 🙂
It started out like any other special day, I was up and munching on my bowl of oats…which was made extra awesome with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds 🙂
On Wednesday this week our sorority carved pumpkins with our brother fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and now we have pumpkin seeds…uhm YAY!
While I ate breakfast, I couldn’t help but admire the snow outside.  Okay so that’s kind of really a crummy picture…but I was too cozy to go out side for a better one!  It’s kind of like Thanksgiving, Fall and Winter all rolled into one, eh?
Soon it was time for me to say a sad goodbye to the couch and bundle up for a run around town with Halle.  We ran a hot 5 miles today and it felt so good.  But did you guys see that fool running around in her orange polka dot fuzzy socks?  I’m pretty sure serious athletes don’t run in fuzzy socks…oh shoot right..that was me.
After running, I showered and ate a wonderful lunch with Lauren and Hal.  We made a big salad with spinach, sprouts, blackberries, pumpkin seeds and Parmesan….mmmmmm!
Then we toasted up some chicken, sun dried tomato, feta and red pepper sandwiches…it sure hit the spot 🙂
And as soon as the evening hit we headed over to Bethany’s (do you remember Bethany from a post way back? She’s the one (and only, thank god) friend of mine that never fails to greet me by sneaking up behind me and pinching my butt….it gets me every time!!) anyways, Bethany’s house for a life group reunion/Halloween party!
The movie Hocus Pocus and snacks were totes involved.
Apparently we’re still 15…but I am okay with that 🙂

Oh! and this little lady showed up to party too.  How cute is this puppy?!  It seriously took me about half the night to be convinced she wasn’t a stuffed animal…
I know you’ll never believe me but I swear on all the oatmeal and chocolate in the world she is real!!!
So let’s review: a good run, pumpkin seeds and candy corn, a puppy! and some quality time spent with my favorite ladies at Bethany’s cozy, comfy little home.
That is most definitely a special day!  Those are the things I love most 🙂
But I have to be honest…I am not telling you every detail of my day…
Nopety nope…I am in fact omitting perhaps the most special part…and that is really saying something because I love candy corn about as much as life itself.
While I don’t feel like now is the time to share this good news on my blog, I will say that y’all might want to remember October 27th….I know I will!
And if things go how I hope they do…you’ll be in on the secret before too long 🙂
What?!  I can’t tell you everything right away!  This blog needs a little suspense silly.
Oh and I was supposed to use this time to write a post about homemade frozen yogurt…whoops…guess I’ll just have to postpone a little homework and do it later 🙂  3 sweet recipes coming your way soon!

3 thoughts on “A Very Special Day

  1. Ya Beth is a butt pincher from way back(kinda runs in the family). Awesome blog though. Beth hasn't quite caught the blog bug, but I am a loyal follower of many food, family and faith blogs and now I'm tickled to add yours to my list. Glad to hear you enjoyed your Festive Fall Fling. Don said it sounded like you guys were enjoying yourselves. And anytime you want to join our butt pinching ways……Beth has a nice one.

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