Soggy Tacos

Hey all! 

As a follow up on Friday’s post…I did buy the chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

Don’t be fooled by the picture…that slice is actually the size of my face.  Halle and I devoured it before science class and loved every last bit of it!
After class I was free! I threw about 5 layers of warm sweatshirts into my bag and stuffed as many blankets as I could into my back pack….It was time for camping!…In October…
It was in the back of my mind that it might be a chilly night since it was mid-fall and all…but you only live once right?!  Then it started raining.  Then I realized I had no hood.  Soon I was sporting a very cute plastic grocery bag as a hat and next I was sitting on a wet log cutting up avocados for tacos.
I have never been in a situation like this!  So many thoughts were running through my head…how are we going to stay warm if our clothes are wet?  I wonder if people are going to like watered down guacamole?  Are we going to die!??
Confession #1: I get a smidge bit freaked out when I start to get really cold.  I was already soaked and my friends wanted to go hop in some natural hot tub and I y’all are insane there is no way I am getting more wet!  Eventually, they coaxed me out of my mini panic and we hiked to the natural hot springs near our campsite.  Ah….thank you Jesus.  It was SO relaxing and warm and it saved my frozen behind that is for sure.
After that everything went fairly smoothly until 5 am when I snuck out to pee and then lost my balance and crashed into the tent.  That was great.
And before you knew it, I was back at Delta Gamma taking a hot shower! There’s a time to sleep in a leaky tent and there’s a time to sleep in a dry, warm one with clean sheets.  While I prefer the second option, I’m glad I got to experience last night with my friends.  It builds character to sleep on a muddy pilllow! 
Once upon a time, Shelbi and I had extravagant plans for chocolate chip banana pancakes, smores and tacos but the rain sure put a damper on our appetite…mmm soggy tortillas…nope.  We didn’t eat much on that trip!
So after showering the next day I realized I was starving!  I have never ate a veggie sandwhich so fast.
After a LOT of studying and even more laundry…it was time for dinner.
All I could find was eggs…So I decided to whip up my favorite last resort meal….egg tacos!
Now, I have never been a huge egg fan…I’m still not…but hot sauce and a good corn tortilla can make almost anything more appealing.
Here’s what you do:
Prep your tortilla.  I used two mini corn ones…spread with refried beans, hot sauce and sprinkled with shredded cheese…microwave 30 seconds!
Next, mix 1 egg with the whites of 1 egg, hot sauce, pepper, and, if you are feeling it. throw in some chopped bell peppers…scramble the mixture until cooked…it happens so fast!
Now it all comes together!  I loaded up the tortillas with spinach and topped the spinach with the egg and pepper mixture.
Finished with a dollop of plain yogurt (just like sour cream!) and a drizzle of Franks Red Hot!
They were so delicious!
I figure everyone always has eggs, hot sauce and cheese on hand!  Find yourself some tortillas and some spinach and you are set for a quick and easy dinner.
These taste best if ate while watching Modern Family on Hulu.  Maybe the episode where Cam talks about being called Cam the Ham on the playground and Phil takes his daughter to college with a custom made Tshirt sporting his daughter’s face?
Yeah watch that one šŸ™‚  

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